Sports Betting Picks

You see sports betting picks all over the internet.  The pick services, also known as tout services, offer services to their clients by selling them picks.  Typically a service will charge its clients a fee for a certain amount of time such as a week, month or season.  There are a number of sports pick services littering the internet, but some are better than others.  In fact some are just scams. [+]

There are couple different reasons why a sports bettor would subscribe to a sports picks service.  Successful handicapping requires commitment and long hours handicapping upcoming games.  Some people don’t have the time to put the required effort in researching winning picks.  They have determined it cost effective and have no problem paying for picks as long as they win enough to cover the cost of the pick and some more to enjoy.

Other sports bettors subscribe a picks service to complement to their own handicapping.  Picks services often have access to additional information and include original write-ups explaining the rationale for their picks.  Some bettors simply find this a cost effective resource to their own handicapping.

Are Free Sports Betting Picks Really Worth it?

Besides the paid subscriptions that sports betting picks offer, they often offer free sports picks as well.  Why?  To entice people to subscribe to their service.

It is hard to say that free picks are not worth it.  After all they are free and they aren’t costing you anything.  However, you should still be cautious in playing this picks.  They typically do not include a write-up with the rationale for making the pick.  Also, the free pick is typically only one game of all the games that the service is giving to its players.  No handicapper wins 100% of their picks.  It is quite possible that the free pick that the service provides will lose, but its paid subscribers might have actually won money that day or week.  This is because that all the picks released to its members, including the free pick, had a total winning percentage.

To sum it up, it’s a free and you usually get what you pay for.  While a picks service might have winning percentage, it doesn’t mean their free pick will be a winner.

Betting Pick Tips

If you decide to subscribe to a picks service here are some tips to keep in mind

  • Make sure they are monitored so their record stands up to their marketing
  • Make sure they have a believable winning percentage.  Most handicappers win 60-70% of their picks.  Proceed with services with unbelievable winning records with extreme caution
  • Make sure they provide a package that fits within your budget.
  • Contact them and ask any questions you might have.  A reputable service will have good customer service and answer pre-sales questions.