The Kentucky Derby is one of the most iconic sporting events in the United States and routinely attracts crowds in excess of 150,000 to Churchill Downs. Millions more horse racing fans watch and wager on the most exciting two minutes in sports from their home on the first Saturday in May. The Run for the Roses is can’t miss race for horse racing aficionados. 

Kentucky Derby Betting Online

      Savvy horseplayers know they have a lot of options when wagering on the Kentucky Derby and there are several key things to consider. The first and possibly most important thing to consider when evaluating an online racebook is how much value they offer. You want to maximize your investment and many racebooks will reward loyalty with bonuses, rebates and promotions you cannot get anywhere else. Some online racebooks will also offer expert selections and special wagers around big races, as well.

      Bovada has developed a reputation in a relatively short period of time as being a premier source for online horse racing betting. Though they have only been around since 2011, they have quickly ascended the ladder and established themselves as an industry leader in terms of security, customer service and customer incentives. They offer over 80 tracks to choose from featuring Thoroughbred and harness racing so there is something for everyone. You can watch and wager on all of the prep races from tracks such as Aqueduct, Gulfstream Park and Oaklawn in the months leading up to the Kentucky Derby then get in on the action in the big race.

      For major stakes races such as the Kentucky Derby, Bovada offers future odds weekly on Tuesdays which are posted around 2:00 p.m. EST and the fixed odds market will be posted two days prior to the graded stakes race by 3:30 p.m. EST. Once the track pools open, the futures and fixed odds markets will close and the action will continue in their Racebook. Taking advantage of a future wager on a Kentucky Derby contender is a sure fire way to get bragging rights with your friends and line your pockets when you identified the future Kentucky Derby winner at a huge price early in the year.

      How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby

      The Kentucky Derby is a race unlike any other in the United States. With a rich history, an even richer purse and iconic status, it is one of the most coveted achievements in Thoroughbred racing. Figuring out the winner in a field which can include 20 of the most talented horses of their generation can be daunting. But, it does not have to be. Here are some tips to make betting on the Kentucky Derby a breeze.

      Pay Attention to Training

      Thanks to the internet, fans can get the inside scoop on who looks good and who does not in the weeks leading up to the big race. You don’t have to be an equine expert to figure out that the horse that is reportedly losing weight is not poised for his big effort. Conversely, the horse dragging his exercise rider around the track every morning could be sitting on a peak performance. In 2017, Always Dreaming was a great example of this – he was practically running off with his exercise rider each morning and just seemed to be getting stronger and sharper leading up to the Run for the Roses. That translated to a winning effort.

      Post Position Matters

      The full field of twenty horses can throw a serious wrench into handicapping. All it takes is an unlucky post position draw or a bad break and a horse’s Derby Dreams (and your betting ticket) can quickly go up in smoke. While it is not impossible to win from the rail or the outside post, you should consider your horse’s running style and how it relates to their post draw. A horse with speed who needs the lead could be at a major disadvantage from the outside post.

      Consider Exotic Wagers

      Picking the winner of the KD is hard enough and it may seem impossible to select the exacta (top two finishers), trifecta (top three finishers) or superfecta (top four finishers). However, the payout for hitting these wagers can be astronomical and it is worth taking a swing for it.

      One strategy is to utilize the “all” key. Choose a horse you like and key him on top of the entire field. That way, as long as he wins, it does not matter who finishes second, third and/or fourth. You can also backwheel him in second, third or fourth as an anchor in your exotic bets.