Sports betting is big business and for good reason. People love the adrenaline and excitement they feel when placing a wager on sports. Whether it's a prop bet on NFL, a moneyline wager on the NHL or a parlay on the English Premier League, people can't get enough of the action. [+]

We're here to make your journey fun, seamless and devoid of unecessary and tedious additional steps. Stay with us and we'll show you everything you need to know to formulate a sound and successful betting strategy, no matter the market you're keen on persuing.


Recommended Online Betting Sites

Wondering what betting sites are you should entrust with your hard-earned cash? Have a look below and find the US online sportsbook that suits all of your betting needs. 

US Market

The US market is one of the world's biggest and we have a plethora of brilliant betting sites for you to choose. So have a look below and choose the one that is perfect for you. 

Canadian Market

First and foremost, you have to decide what betting market you want to immerse yourself in, which usually depends on your locality, but not always. The Canadian market has a lot of good online betting sites to choose from and we detail those for you in the relevant section. We also explain how the betting scene works on the ground in different areas of the vast nation to the north.

UK Market

Our extensive research doesn't merely stop in North America as we broaden our scope and bring you crucial information about the UK market, too. We take you on a tour of the best UK betting sites and detail their most notable bonus information so you're armed with the artillery required to make successful wagers. 

Australian Market

We're even off to the Land Down Under on our whirlwind global tour. Australians absolutely love their betting and, given the chance, will bet on just about anything, including how fast an egg will fry on the hood of a car in the blistering Alice Springs heat. And no, we're not joking! Have a look at what the Australian market has in store for you.