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At youwin you get a free €10 is a free €10, of course. And it's super easy for you to claim.


50% Bonus 50% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $250
  1. 1 Create your account on Bovada => click here
  2. 2Make your first deposit
  3. 3Get a free welcome bet of €10 sent to your account
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  • Welcome Bet of €10
  • $100 free bet for Canadian customers
  • Blackjack happy hour in the Casino between Tuesday and Wednesday
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youwin Deposit Bonus

As far as sign-up bonuses go, youwin doesn't have a lot of unconditional promotions going on at the moment. Indeed, their main incentive consists of getting a free €10 when you register.

A free €10 is a free €10, of course. And it's super easy for you to claim.

All you have to do is create an account with youwin. This will entail you providing your name, email, phone number, birth date and payment information. After that is all done, you will want to make your very first deposit. There is no minimum required for this step. You are just subject to whatever rules apply toward youwin's deposit parameters, which you can find on their official website. (They tend to change and you will want the most updated version possible.)

Almost as soon as you make that initial deposit, your account should be credited with a free bet worth €10. If it's not reflected in your purse immediately, don't panic. Give it a day. If it's still not there after 24 hours, try emailing youwin or speaking with one of their representatives over the phone.

$100 Canadian Bonus

People in Canada will not want for a youwin sign-up bonus.

If you are a Canadian and also registering with youwin for the first time, they will give you a free $100 to bet once your account is fired up and ready to go. But this, once again, is unfortunately misleading. The $100 comes in the form of a 100 percent matching bonus. This means that youwin will double your first deposit up to $100.

In the event you make your initial deposit for $150, you will still only receive a free $100. If you invest $50 to start, youwin will tack on another $50 to your account. This is an important distinction, so be wary of it when creating your account.

These funds should appear in your purse within 24 hours of your first approved deposit. Once you have them, you will need to roll it over five times before it becomes eligible for withdrawal. 

For instance, if you make use of the full $100 matching policy, you will need to lay down $500 worth of wagers using that money before the winnings can be put into your own account. All of the wagers you make must be at 1.5-to-1 odds or better. If you place stock in gambles with 1-to-1 returns or worse, this will not count toward your rollover requirement. (Betting on baseball, for the record, also won't count toward the rollover.)

Should you choose to make a withdrawal while still in possession of this bonus without meeting the rollover stipulations, your incentive money will be automatically deducted from your purse. In other words, it is best to wait until you have either lost all of the bonus money or own it free and clear before making any withdrawals.


Blackjack Happy Hour

Now this is a unique incentive.

The casino at youwin runs something called "Blackjack Happy Hour." Really, it's a "Blackjack Happy Day." The promotion begins at 8 p.m. EST time on Tuesday and ends on Wednesday at 7:59 p.m. EST.

During this window, youwin will credit you 10 percent of all your net losses at the blackjack table, up to $200. This, to be absolutely certain, is not a per-bet bonus. If you lose, say, $50 on one hand at the blackjack table, but still finish up $200 for the day, you will not be credited $5 for that $50 loss.

However, if you finish down $200 total for the day, you will get an extra $20 thrown into your account within 24 hours after your final loss. This reward is capped at $200, but that's plenty. It means that you can lose up $2,000 at the blackjack tables during this 24-hour time period and get 10 percent of that money back.

It is not entirely clear if there is a rollover on this money. There is nothing mentioned of one on the youwin website. In cases such as these, there typically isn't a rollover, since you are basically getting your own money back anyway. Still, if you want to know for sure, we reccommend you email or call youwin's reps.

youwin Deposit Bonus

There are, unfortunately, a ton of restrictions placed upon the welcome bet of €10 over at youwin. 

Right off the bat, youwin precludes a great deal of bettors stationed in different countries from taking advantage of this incentive. The list is extensive, so you will need to check out the promotions tab of their website. There you will find all of the countries that are excluded.

The good news is that youwin does sometimes run promotions for those jilted countries—where it's legal. If you live in one of the locales that doesn't get to bite on the €10, feel free to call or email youwin, on the off chance they are able to remove the restriction or offer you another kind of incentive.

This €10 must be used on a single wager. In essence, we are talking about a free bet, not a free €10. You cannot divvy that money up into multiple wagers. It has to placed on a gamble that pays out 1.5-to-1 or better, otherwise youwin won't use it; your actual account will be charged for the bet's amount instead.

The €10 is not returned upon the completion of the wager, either. If you lose, it's gone. If you win, you will receive your promised return, sans the original €10.

Rollover terms also apply to the free sign-up bet. If it's not used within seven days of receipt, you will lose it. And if you make a withdrawal, but have not met the rollover requirements with your winnings off that €10 bet, that money will continue to sit in your account.

Ask a youwin rep about the specific rollover guidelines. The website doesn't list anything beyond the seven-day grace period, but you will likely have to bet your winnings 10 times over—or something like that—before it becomes yours. Rather than getting misled by the ambiguous language, it is safer to double check and figure out how much subsequent scratch you will need to wager before the profit off your free €10 actually becomes yours.