WagerWeb Sign Up Bonus

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Upon making your first deposit with WagerWeb, you will be credited with an additional 50 per cent of what you invested up to a total of $500.

100% Bonus Up to 100% Cash Bonus up to $1,000
  1. 1 Create your account on WagerWeb => click here
  2. 2Make your first deposit
  3. 3Your account will be credited with an additional 50 per cent of that deposit
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
Worth Noting About WagerWeb.ag
  • 50 per cent cash bonus after signing up
  • One per cent cash back promotion
  • Various other cash bonuses with low rollovers
How do I get the 50 per cent Cash Bonus Make a deposit of at least $25 and you will be rewarded with a 50 per cent sign up bonus Sign up Now

WagerWeb.ag Sign Up Bonus

Many online gamblers haven't heard much about WagerWeb, but that should soon change. They seem to be quickly, and decisively, establishing themselves as one of the premier bonus-offering sites.

At any given moment, WagerWeb has a ton of promotions running. Their most popular sign-up offer at the moment, though, is their 50 per cent cash bonus, and it's really easy to claim.

First you will want to create an account with WagerWeb. Be ready to provide any necessary information, which includes your full name, payment methods, email address, phone number, birth date and preferred password.

Once your account has been set up and your payment method confirmed, you'll be able to make your first deposit. Upon making that deposit, you will be credited with an additional 50 per cent of what you invested.

These funds are typically available in your account from the jump, but if they have not appeared within 48 hours, be sure to contact WagerWeb yourself, either by phone or customer service email.

Do remember that this bonus only applies to new users and will only be available once. You cannot take advantage of it on your second or third deposit. So make sure you are maximizing your return on the 50 per cent signup bonus by committing all you can, while you can. You are able to match as much as $1,000, which would equal a $500 bonus.

WagerWeb.ag Casino Cash Back

WagerWeb runs a promotion on Mondays that both existing and new users can take advantage of. They give you five per cent cash back on all your losses in the casino.

To be clear, this doesn't apply to winnings. It also isn't on a per-bet basis. It applies to your net losses. So, in essence, they will give you five per cent of the total money you lose in the casino every Monday. 

This isn't a huge amount, but it's something. There isn't a rollover on the five per cent cash back either, so you can withdraw it, along with your other money, from your account at any time.

WagerWeb.ag Create Your Own Spreads

WagerWeb's sportsbook pretty much allows you to create your own spreads on upcoming games and matches, which is something not every other site offers. 

They don't let you bet whatever spread you want, of course. You have to buy or sell points on the line. And you can purchase or sell up to five of them.

It works like this: Say the NFL's Dallas Cowboys are six-point favorites against the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming Sunday, but you think the Cowboys will actually win by more. You can sell back up to five points to WagerWeb, making it an 11-point spread.

With every point you sell back, the return on your investment goes up. But you have to hit your manufactured spread to win any money. You won't receive the original payout should the Cowboys end up covering the six-point line, but not the 11-point spread.

Conversely, you can buy back points. Let's say the Steelers are favored over the Cowboys by 10 points this time. If you think the Steelers will only win by seven points, you can buy three additional ones from WagerWeb, moving the bet's spread to the desired seven.

Your return in this situation will go down, since not only do the payouts decrease, but you are taking money out of your pocket to create the spread in the first place. Still, this is a good option to explore if you feel strongly about your own lines.

The cost of each point in these situations varies. It should be clearly marked on your betting slip once you get that far. If it's not, call WagerWeb's customer service desk to find out why.

WagerWeb.ag Deposit Bonus

There are some things to remember when claiming or trying to get your signup bonus from WagerWeb.

Above all else, you should find out the maximum you are allowed to deposit before the 50 per cent offer runs out. Currently, it's $1,000. Thus, if you deposit $1,000, you'll get $500 in free play money. Anything you put in after that won't count toward your reward.

Likewise, you also need to know how many times that money must roll over in subsequent bets before you can claim it as your own. For the most part, it appears to be between 8-15 times. If you get a $500 reward, you will need to place at least $4,000 worth of bets with that money. Only then, if you haven't lost your wager, will you be able to withdraw it as your own cash. 

Rollovers at WagerWeb do, however, increase when the benefit of the promotion increases. If the site is running a special where you get a 70 per cent bonus, that incentive must rollover 12 times before it is free to be withdrawn; if you get a 100 per cent bonus, it is subject to a rollover of 15 times; a 150 per cent incentive must be rolled over 20 times; and a 200 per cent bonus comes with a rollover of 25 times.

For specials smaller than a 70 per cent bonus, try checking with WagerWeb's representatives over the phone to make sure the rollover will be six times or less. That would also be the time to double check the maximum you can claim from any promotional program.

As is the case with other online gambling sites, WagerWeb will not accept attempts by single users/households to create multiple accounts in order to capitalize on numerous deposit bonuses. The limit is one per customer/household/IP address, and WagerWeb, like every other site of its kind, has been known to shut players down when they violate this rule. The same goes for professional bettors they detect to be masquerading as recreational gamblers. These rewards are intended for amateur users only.

When you do cash out, if you have not used your free play money, including all the necessary rollovers, you will lose it. For example, say you deposit $1,000 and get a bonus of $500. Now let's say you turn that $500 in $1,500 on a two-to-one bet. Then let's say you do the same with that $1,500, parlaying it into $3,000. 

At this point, you will have $4,000 in your account - your initial $1,000 deposit, plus the $3,000 in promotional funds you have racked up. If you elect to cash out, you will only be able to withdraw your original $1,000, while the remaining $3,000 will disappear, since it hasn't bet the (likely) eight-time rollover stipulation.

WagerWeb.ag High Roller Bonus

With this bonus offer, you get 20 per cent cash back or 30 per cent in free plays. It has a 10 time rollover and there are no restrictions on your bets.

As well, you get a five per cent rebate on racebook volume on all major tracks and a five per cent return on casino losses. There is no cash back on the Sportsbook if you take this bonus.




WagerWeb.ag Elite Bonus

Take this bonus option and you will receive a 10 per cent cash or a 15 per cent free play option. But this bonus comes with the smallest rollover attached to it, only 8x. If you take the cash bonus option, you get your risk amount back when you win.

There are no betting restrictions of any kind and you can use a cash bonus on any of WagerWeb's offerings. Not only that but you get oner per cent cash back in the form of a free play)on your sportsbook volume every Monday, and a five per cent rebate on your racebook volume on all major tracks, along with a five per cent return on casino losses.

If you want to cash out fast and have a great time, this is your choice!

WagerWeb.ag High Bonus Offer

If it's a large bonus that you seek, then this is the deal you've been waiting for from an online sportsbook. You will get 50 per cent cash or 75 per cent in free plays but it comes with a 15X rollover governing the bonus. As with WagerWeb's other bonus offers, you will still get five per cent on your racebook volume on all major tracks and five per cent on casino losses.

This bonus does have its limitations. For example, your largest bet during the duration of your rollover is limited to 20 per cent of your deposit amount. But once you have met the rollover, all restrictions are removed.

WagerWeb.ag Bust Out Bonus

Have you busted out? When your account hits zero, deposit $100 or more within 24 hours and WagerWeb will give you an extra per cent added to your next deposit bonus for free. Select the bonus that works best for you and get an additional five per cent with no added rollover.

The money will be credited as free play and your account balance and pending bets have to be at $0.

WagerWeb.ag Tenth Time's A Charm

Make nine deposits in a row at WagerWeb without making a payout and you’ll get the 10th one for free. Your deposit amount will be the average of the last nine deposits.

The money will be credited to your account as cash and there is a 5X rollover attached to this promotion. You cannot get a bonus with this offer and there can be no payout between the ninth and 10th deposits in order to be eligible for this promotion. As well, you account balance and pending bets must both be at zero.