Intertops Sign Up Bonus

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The sportsbook over at intertops has a bevy of incentives from which you can chose at the moment—three different ones, all of the same variety.


$250 Bonus 50% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $250
  1. 1 Create your account on Bovada => click here
  2. 2Make a deposit
  3. 3Request bonus by mentioning bonus code in live chat
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  • 100 percent first-time deposit bonus
  • Plenty of Casino game incentives
  • Parlay betting incentives
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Intertops Sign Up Bonus

The sportsbook over at intertops has a bevy of incentives from which you can chose at the moment—three different ones, all of the same variety.

Start by registering as an approved better on the website. This will require providing pertinent information like your full name, phone number, payment methods and email address. You can register over the phone or online. Doing so online is exponentially quicker. 

Once you are fully registered, fire up a live chatting sessions with one of intertops' representatives. Tell them what you would like to do. They will then tell you to make your first deposit, and that you have three separate codes that you can use. 

Submitting "Rookie200" wil give you a 200 percent bonus on your first deposit that tops out at $50. If you invest the full "$50," intertops will give you another $100, in addition to your own investment.

The "Rookie100" code unlocks 100 percent of your first deposit up to $100. Once again, if you deposit the full amount, intertops will give you another $100 in extra funds.

Finally, there is the "Rookie50" code, which gives you 50 percent of your inaugural deposit. You are limited to depositing $200 in this instance, so the financial benefit is capped at $100.

It really doesn't matter which one you choose, since the ceilings on these bonuses are the same: $100. It's more about how much you plan to initally deposit. The more you throw in, the more you'll get.

It's important to remember that this has to be done during a live chat. If you don't submit a bonus code, the offer will not go through.

There will be a rollover on your "free" money. Ask the representative in the live chat for those details, as they can vary depending on the time of year.

Parlay Bonus

Intertops runs a super interesting "Parlay Prince" program that rewards you with $1,000 in free money if you win—with no rollover.

This offer, it seems, applies to all types of intertops customers, first time and established users alike. There are no promo codes or specific registrations involved. All you need is an account and an aptitude for placing, and striking on, intensive parlays.

The $1,000 in free money goes to the winner of the largest parlay return of the month. Twelve of these $1,000 rewards, then, are given out per year.

It doesn't matter how much you invest initially; all that matters is the return. If you put together $5 parlay with a 2,500-to-1 payout and win, you're in the running. And that $12,500 pot will probably have a pretty good chance of getting you to the top of the parlay ladder, even though your investment at the bet's inception wasn't that much.

Yes, this is a long-shot bonus. But it's still something extra to play for.

Welcome Poker Bonus

Looking to get your online poker fix? Intertops has an incentive for that.

First-time users who register with the code "1000ITP" will get 200 percent of their inagural deposit back, up to $1,000. As always, though, there are a few catches.

Make sure you are registering to play poker with one of intertops' online agents. While doing so, ask about the rollover terms. It is probably in the ballpark of a 20-bet rollover, which would mean you need to bet 20 times the amount of your bonus before you can withdraw it from the site.

It is likewise smart to ask any online agents about the unclear langauge used here. Intertops says it will give you "200 percent" of your deposit, "up $1,000." Does that mean you can deposit up to $1,000, in which case you would get a $2,000 bonus? Or does it mean intertops will only pay out $1,000 in total bonuses, meaning every cent you deposit after $500 will not be applicable to this promo code?

Intertops' website doesn't make that clear—not even in the fine print. This is a great deal either way, but you should still make sure you know how much of your first poker room deposit is eligible to be matched before you actually make said deposit.

Red Casino Welcome Bonus

The Red Casino over at intertops' website is also offering a 100 percent welcome bonus, and it is one of the easiest incentives to enact.

While registering, either with a live agent or remotely, simply enter the "SIGNUP100" code. Upon completing the signup process, make your first deposit, and intertops will match 100 percent of that amount immediately. You must deposit a minimum of $20 to activate the promotion, and intertops' capacity to match tops out at $100.

Before making any sort of financial commitment, though, it's always good to find out about the rollover stipulations. Intertops doesn't make that information readily available on its website, and the rollover terms for the casino could be different from the sportsbooks. The answer to this query can likely be found with a customer service email or during a live chat. 

Do not try to claim this fare if you are not a first-time user. This particular intertops bonus is for new customers only.

Intertops Deposit Bonus

Intertops does keep things simple with its first-time incentive.

If you are not into the push and pull of the above offers, you can always just go the 100 percent matching route. The folks over at intertops will duplicate 100 percent of your first deposit. This offer can get you up to $200 in free money. 

This promotion doesn't seem to need a code. You just sign up, fund your account and watch the extra money roll in. However, it's still a good idea to start a chat with one of intertops' live agents, so that you can see if any promo code is required. They should also be able to explain any rollover period that's involved after the fact.