Boylesports Sign Up Bonus

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Boylesports has a number of bonuses available for first-time users, the most common of which is their £50 in free bets that are offered at a user's signup.


$250 Bonus 50% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $250
  1. 1 Create your account on Bovada => click here
  2. 2Make five bets of £10 or more apiece
  3. 3Receive £10 in bonus money
  4. 4Repeat Steps 2 and 3 five more times over first 35 days
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
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  • Get instant £25 signup bonus
  • Earn up to an additional £50 in signup incentives
  • Receive welcome Casino offer worth up to £100
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Boylesports Sign Up Bonus

Boylesports has a number of bonuses available for first-time users, the most common of which is their £50 in free bets that are offered at a user's signup.

To start the process, you must register with Boylesports as a bettor. This offer, to be clear, is not available to existing customers. Just new ones. To complete the registeration process, you'll need to provide any necessary information, including your name, phone number, email and the method by which you will make deposit and withdrawals.

Once the signup process is complete, you will need to make five bets of at least £10 or more on wagers that have two-to-one payouts to receive the credit. You will not get the credit all at once. It will be paid out in five increments of £10, over the course of five weeks.

Each week, though, you'll need to place another five bets worth £10 apiece, totaling £50, to qualify for the next £10 bonus installment. If you don't, the promotion will expire, and you will be unable to rekindle its benefits.

You have seven days after each stage to place your minimum of five bets worth £10 or more apiece for the bonus to actually kick in. While that sounds complicated, you're essentially getting a free £10 for every £50 you bet through five wagers. 

When five weeks since your initial signup date have passed, the promotion will expire for good. Thus, you have 35 days in total to recoup the full £50 offered in this incentive program.

In addition to the financial commitment you must make over the first five weeks to reap the benefits of this promotion (£250 total, at least), there is also a protracted rollover period. The bonus money won't become yours until you've bet 20 times the amount that you've received.

If you end up snaring £30 in free money after signing up, you'll need to place £600 in subsequent wagers before you can withdraw those funds as your own, free and clear.

Note that this promotion is limited to one per person/household. If Boylesports catches you trying to circumvent the rules, they reserve the right to terminate your promotional eligibility and betting privileges.

You won't be able to qualify for this bonus offer when using certain payment methods, including Moneybookers and Netteller, so you'll want to visit or call Boylsesports for the full list of off-limits depositing methods.  

Boylesports' Casino Bonus Offer

Boylesports has yet another incentive for those who are using their Casino forum for the first time: They will match 100 percent of your initial deposit, up to £100.

Existing customers, as always, are not eligible to capitalize on this program. And it works as follows: Register with Boylesports, make your first deposit and watch the bonus money make its way into your account almost immediately.

You do not need to deposit the maximum of £100 to take advantage of this offer. If you invest £50 in the Casino, Boylesports will throw another £50 on top of it, giving you £100 with which to begin your betting.

This money will, as usual, have a rollover equal to 20 times the bonus amount. If Boylesports ends up giving you £50 worth of free coin, you'll need to £1,000 before you can withdraw the funds from your account.


Football Parlay Bonus Offer

If you place a five-outcome parlay bet in certain Football markets, Boylesports will refund your stake in the event of a loss—up to £25. If you win, however, they'll give you a 200 percent bonus. 

All the matches you bet on must be resolved within the same day. Bonuses are also paid out as free bets, with a 20-time rollover. You can only claim one of these offers per day, and the program itself expires after seven days of your registration as a first-time user.

Boylesports Deposit Bonus

Boylesports has been known to up the ante on the above offer that ultimately awards you £50 in free bets.

To quickly recap for those who skipped the previous section, you need to make five bets of £10 or more within seven days of registering with Boylesports. They will give you another £10 in your account after that, and you are allowed to repeat this process four times through the first five weeks of your membership.

On occasion, though, they'll modify this, increasing both limits to £25. The terms of this particular bonus offer, when its activated, are only slightly different.

You will still need to be a first-time user and create a Boylesports account. Then you'll need to place your first bet for £25 or more. Boylesports will give you £25 for that first wager. After that, if you place another five bets of £25 or more, totaling at least £125, Boylesports will throw another £25 into your account.

Unlike its sister promotion, this one tops out after those two installments. Your gains after following all the rules will be £50, on top of an initial six bets that, when combined, cost you £150. Your net cost, though, after accounting for the £50 in free money is only £100. In the end, it's like getting a 50 percent bonus.

Since this promotion is offered only intermittently, make sure there is an opt-in agreement for it on the website. You can even call their help desk and see if they are running the program. Do not just assume it's active. That could be a costly decision.

Like most of Boylesports' start-up incentives, this one comes with an extensive rollover. You must bet your bonus purse 20 times over before claiming it as your own. If you grab the full £50, it'll take another £1,000 in bets before you are able to withdraw it.

This rollover does not apply to the funds you yourself placed in the account. You will still have the option of withdrawing your personal investment as you please.