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By Austin Miller - Updated July 16, 2020

Knowing where to bet legally is a keystone for every responsable online bettor. This will guarantee you your payouts and ensure a smooth, worry-free betting experience. That’s why we have compiled legal betting sites by location, and given you some tips for finding your own! 

What makes a betting site great for your location:

How to find legal betting sites in your area?

Legal restrictions can vary greatly across national boundaries. They can even change quite a bit when you cross state or province lines.

This creates a messy legal patchwork. The laws seem to be intentionally unclear at times, and understanding the whole thing requires a team of betting experts.

Luckily we are here to help. We have vetted a number of sports betting sites and compiled the best ones in many geographic regions, including the United States, Canada or even internationally. 

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from each one of those top pages.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites in the US

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Bovada Sportsbook Review



Bovada keeps fees to a minimum, and Bitcoin bettors will have it even cheaper.


Bovada processes payments incredibly fast, and their odds are always fresh.

Bovada is the biggest player in the US sports betting market. They have solid bonuses, and Bitcoin boosts. Their extensive (and really fun) markets are what truly set them apart.

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Best Legal Sports Betting Site in Canada

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Sports Interaction Sportsbook Review



You have plenty of deposit options with no fees available in Canada.


Depositing with Interac or credit cards will get your funds into your account instantly.

Sports interaction has huge markets for Canadian bettors. Their great parlays instantly multiple your betting options. This is an exceptionally secure and fun Canadian betting site.

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Best International Legal Sports Betting Site

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Intertops Sportsbook Review



Intertops takes a number of deposit methods, so whether it’s Bitcoin or other deposit methods, they will have a cheap one for you.


Your deposits will arrive very quickly whether you use a credit card or cryptocurrencies.

Intertops used to focus on the US market, but they have since expanded to include North American, European, and other markets from around the world. It’s a long-standing sportsbook, known for its flexibility.

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Gambling isn’t legal in the US – How are these sites legal?

Gambling is heavily regulated in the United States. It is important from the outset to make distinctions within the legal framework between offline and online betting, as well as between sports and casino gambling. 

Offline sports gambling was restricted to Nevada until the 2018 Supreme Court decision (Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association) opened up the markets. Now states can choose to legalize and regulate sports betting. 

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Casinos are regulated on a state-by-state basis. In Nevada and Louisiana, casinos are legal statewide. In all other states, they are reserved to small geographic regions, such as Atlantic City in New Jersey.

Other states are allowed to enter agreements with Native American tribes. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 made this possible. Other states have not entered into these agreements and have instead restricted gambling to riverboats. 

Online gambling on the other is available for bettors much more easily. The geographic restrictions are much softer, and most of the gambling laws do not regulate online bettors, but rather online sportsbooks.

In other words, even though online gambling has faced stiffer challenges from a legal perspective, as a bettor, you are actually more free to bet from more places online. Bookmakers get around these regulations by putting their headquarters in other places, such as Panama.

This is one of the biggest advantages of online betting, compared to offline. You can bet from almost wherever you are. No need to drive sometimes hundreds of miles to place a few bets.

Legal Gambling Sites and Taxes – The Big Picture

There are only two inevitables in life: death and taxes. Though that may not be the case with gambling! 

These rules will of course change a lot depending on the laws in each country. It can be complicated to figure out what exactly one is to do.

Legality vs Taxes

Our team of experts has broken down the different rules and regulations on taxes, complete with a few tips on how to improve your bottom line. That’s what we’re here for: to make your betting experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  • Legality of sportsbook is based on its HQ address.
  • Taxes are based on where the bettor is a resident.
  • For taxes, it will not matter if you bet at an online sportsbook based in Panama or Curaçao. It only matters where you are. 

Something to keep in mind throughout this section is the role of data and identity. If you deposit through bigger institutions such as banks or credit cards, Paypal, or Interac, they are required to report your identifying information. 

This is due to KYC (know your customer) regulations. The details of the information change from place to place, but it is always enough to identify you. Using cryptocurrency is one way to protect your identity.

Sports Gambling taxes in the US

According to the United States tax code, profit from gambling is considered taxable income. You are required to report this income to the IRS.

If you do not, there is a chance they will know about it anyway through the KYC protocols that banks and similar institutions must comply with. 

There are some bright spots in this gambling tax situation. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not have a centralized institution and therefore do not follow KYC protocols. This is one of the advantages of using cryptos. 

Also, gambling losses can be deducted from your gambling gains. So you will only be liable for net gains, rather than gross.

Sports Gambling taxes in Canada

The regulations on taxes and gambling in Canada can require a little bit of guesswork. However, for the most part, gambling revenue is not considered taxable by the Canadian government. 

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Let’s look more closely at when it is and is not. 

It all depends on the answer to one simple question: Are you conducting your gambling like a business or like a hobby

If the government considers it a hobby, then the gains are not taxable. This seems to be generally the case for the vast majority of bettors. 

It often depends on the way, rather than how much money is made. In Leblanc vs. The Queen, a profit of $5 million was not considered a business. 

If you treat it like a hobby, the Canadian government seems to consider it as such as well! 

Sports Gambling taxes in the UK

The United Kingdom has pleasantly relaxed laws regulating taxes and gambling. In fact, almost all gambling income in the United Kingdom is tax-free

This is great news for anyone in England! Not only do you get to take home the entirety of your winnings, but the best part is also that you don’t even have to think about taxes. No calculating, no worrying. It’s simple and we love simple. 

Gambling tax was abolished for bettors in 2001, and the UK set up their Gambling Commission in 2005. 

However, sports betting sites do have to pay a fee. They charge a 15% levy on their earnings. 

Sports Gambling taxes in Australia

Australia is another case of a tax system that is full of good news for bettors. If you live in Australia and have an income from betting, you do not have to pay any taxes on this income.

This is justified by three points.

The taxes imposed on bookmakers vary across states, can be difficult to compare, and is mostly irrelevant to bettors. 

An international Guide to Legal Gambling

The legal patchwork around gambling can at first seem overwhelming. But there is no need to worry. The team of experts here at Sports Betting Sites have pored over the details for you. 

The key is to look at our list of betting sites wherever you are betting from. We not only make sure they are available, but we also make sure they are the best ones available. 

Going about it like this will guarantee that you are on a safe, secure and legal site. It will also come with our experts’ seal of approval. 

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