MLS Western Conference Standings Right Now

Is your favorite team on track to earning a successful outcome this season? See where they stand amidst the fierce competition in the conference.


How To Win At MLS Western Conference Betting

It is almost certain that the home field will provide teams with a distinct advantage. Take the Portland Timbers for instance. In 2016, the Timbers had a 12-3-3 record at home but played miserably on the road, amassing a 0-11-6 record. With that in mind, the location of the game is always a good starting point when considering your bets.  

Western Confernce dominance in recent years is primarily duie to their superior defenses. The Western Conference is much better defensively than their eastern counterparts. While a cliche, it's true that strong defenses win championships. 

Favor the under when two Western Conference teams meet. Do a bit more in-depth digging before placing your bets, but veering toward the under is a good general rule of thumb. 

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