MLS Eastern Conference Standings Right Now

New York Red Bulls are perennial favorites to run away with the Eastern Conference title, but does there are a few other teams that will have something to say about that.  


How To Win At Eastern Conference Betting

Due to traveling large distances to play away games, teams playing on home soil have a significant advantage.

In 2015, not a single team had a winning away record in the Eastern Conference. Only New York Red Bulls and Columbus Crew (both 6-7-4) came close, yet only NYCFC didn’t have a winning home record.

It was a similar story in 2016. Only Toronto FC and NYCFC had as many losses as wins on their travels. No other team came close to a .500 away record, showing how important home field advantage is. 

In addition, the Eastern Conference is considerably more offensive than the West. It's one of the main reasons Eastern Conference teams struggle so mightily in MLS Cup finals. A general rule of thumb when betting on the Eastern Conference is to favor the over wager. The run-and-gun style of the Eastern Conference promises entertainment and a lot of goals. Both New York teams and Orlando all scored more goals than every Western Conference team, further emboldening the propensity for goals in the wild, wild East. 

Bookmakers tend to give short-priced odds to the so-called “big name” teams even when they are on their travels, so look for some potential bargains of lesser fancied home teams as you could find yourself securing a large payday thanks to the longer, more attractive odds.

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