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The NHL’s Pacific Division could also be referred to as the NHL’s two-tier system. There are teams within the group for whom the Stanley Cup is no stranger. The Los Angeles Kings won the Cup twice in recent years and the San Jose Sharks recently appeared in the Cup final for the first time. The Edmonton Oilers have won multiple Cups, the Calgary Flames own a title and the Vancouver Canucks have been the final series on more than one occasion. [+]

Then you have the Arizona Coyotes, who seldom make the playoffs and have never played in the Cup final series, and the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s 31st franchise, added as an expansion team in 2017-18.



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Here’s where you will find the up to date Pacific Division standings and a long-held theory that pacific time zone teams couldn’t succeed in the NHL because the additional they endured simply wore them out has been put out to pasture. [+]

A team from California appeared in eight successive Western Conference finals between 2010-17. In that span the Los Angeles Kings won a pair of Stanley Cup titles. The Anaheim Ducks were Stanley Cup champions in 2006-07 and both the San Jose Sharks (2008-09) and the Vancouver Canucks (2010-11, 2011-12) won the Presidents’ Trophy. 


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You could say that the Pacific Division is California dreaming. The Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks are all legitimate Stanley Cup threats and at least one of those three teams appeared in 11 of 13 Western Conference finals between 2003-2016 and all of them played in the Stanley Cup final.

All of the Pacific Division teams have enjoyed their winning moments over that span. The Vancouver Canucks (2010-11), Edmonton Oilers (2005-06) and Calgary Flames (2003-04) all came within a victory of taking the Stanley Cup final, while in 2011-12 the Arizona Coyotes rolled to the Western Conference final, the deepest playoff run in franchise history.

If someone asked you the first team from a Pacific time zone to win a Stanley Cup, you’d probably answer the 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks. Were the question posed as to which Pacific time zone team first played in the Stanley Cup final series, the most logical answer would be the 1981-82 Vancouver Canucks. In both cases, you’d be wrong. In fact you’d be way off. 

The first team from the West Coast to win a Stanley Cup was the Seattle Metropolitans of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association in 1916-17, defeating the defending champion Montreal Canadiens in a best-of-five final series.

One year earlier, the PCHA’s Portland Rosebuds – yes, that was really their nickname – became the first West Coast team to appear in a Stanley Cup final, losing to the Canadiens in the series.