Central Division Standings Right Now

Here are the latest NHL Central Division standings avalable for your perusal. One factor you can count on when wagering on Central Division games is that they will be hotly contested.  [+]

While the Chicago Blackhawks have proven the division's most dominant team over the past decade, winning a trio of Stanley Cups between 2009-15, the Nashville Predators also reached the Cup final in 2016-17 and the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues are right on the cusp of taking that next step.


How To Win At Central Division Betting

A big year in the NHL's Central Division is no guarantee of success. In 2014-15, the Minnesota Wild garnered 100 points and that was only good enough for a wildcard position in this deep division. But the good new for you is that with such depth of quality teams, the betting lines will be tight and picking the right team with your wager will prove to be quite fruitful. 

The Art Ross Trophy winner in 2015-16 was Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Art Ross Trophy winner in 2014-15 was Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars. 

But there's more than skill at work in the Central. The division houses some of the largest teams in the NHL in terms of height and weight, and that's why Central Division games can often resemble barroom brawls as the teams fight for space on the ice. If they don't beat you with their high-end skill, the teams of the NHL Central Division will wear down opponents via their physical play and their ability to take away time and space on the ice.