When it comes to taking the life out of the game, the New Jersey Devils took the cake. They were the kings of the dead puck era. No team was able to squeeze the excitement right out of existence like the Devils could. The NHL's main purveyors of the neutral zone trap, their defence-first style backed by future Hall of Fame goalie Martin Brodeur won the team three Stanley Cup titles between 1995-2003. The Devils were ridiculed by people who liked their hockey with pace and skill, but no one could deny that the way they played worked. [+]

But it's been a long dry spell in the hockey wilderness for the Devils ever since, a 2012 appearance in the Stanley Cup final disguising the reality that their style of hockey not only was no longer in vogue, it no longer worked in today's up-tempo, obstruction-free NHL.

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Want to know who the New Jersey Devils play next? Have a look at their next game while keeping an eye on the game odds to see if the potential return and matchup are right for you. 

When looking at the New Jersey Devils scores and schedule listed below, one fact of life will become apparent - the Devils don't often score goals.


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New Jersey Devils Standings Right Now

The standings for the Devils are listed here and while they displayed improvement in the beginning of the Ray Shero era, the fact of life for them is that in the rugged Metropolitan Division, they remain playoff outsiders.

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How To Win At New Jersey Devils Betting

A new era was born in New Jersey in 2015. Lou Lamoriello, the general manager of the Devils since 1987, who ruled over the New Jersey empire with an iron fist, left to take a similar position with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In came Ray Shero, the former GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who featured a high-end skill system in Pittsburgh and while the Devils aren't about to open up and play run and gun hockey, they are more of a puck pursuit team than the old Devils, who sat back and patiently waited to pounce on opposition errors.

There's still a high level of defensive accountability in the way the Devils play the game, but now New Jersey seeks to create scoring chances via puck pressure. They play a much more aggressive game than the Devils of old.

They still don't give up much, but the Devils also don't score all that often. What does this mean to you if betting on New Jersey Devils games is in your plan? Well, for starters, always bet the under.