They can roll forward line after forward line at the opposition with the capability to create, to score and to check you to a standstill. The defense is also a mix of skill, tenacity and physicality and it seems like all of them tower well over six feet tall. There's little not to like about the Tampa Bay Lightning, who've rapidly evolved into one of the best teams in both the Eastern Conference, as well the entire NHL. [+]

When he was hired as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning after spending over a quarter century with the Detroit Red Wings, first as a player and then as the team's assistant GM, Steve Yzerman brought much of the Detroit philosophy for player development with him to Florida.

He allowed the vast majority of the current core of his hockey team to grow and mature as pros together in the minor leagues, and that group won an AHL Calder Cup title together before coming up to the big club and quickly playing starring roles for the Lightning.


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A deep, talented team, the Lightning are a good bet to win any night of the NHL season. [+]

With so much skill available, often the biggest problem facing the Tampa Bay coaching staff is finding enough ice time for all of their stars.

The Tampa Bay Lightning game scores and schedule are listed here and the Lightning have established an Atlantic Division powerhouse, a legitimate contender to go far in the playoffs. [+]

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This is where you will find the Lighting standing for both the Atlantic Division and the overall NHL picture and generally, you won't have to look far down either list to locate the Lightning. [+]


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There are many elements that go into the assembly of a championship contender, but in general, teams don't win the Stanley Cup without a stud blueliner to anchor their defense, a guy like Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman.

He might not get the attention of the press clippings of a Shea Weber or Drew Doughty, but Hedman covers all the bases when it comes to the qualities contained within an elite defender.

He is mobile, can skate like the wind and readily joins the rush. His point shot is hard and accurate, his passes go tape to tape. Without the puck, At 6-6 and 223 pounds, getting around Hedman is a chore and with his elongated reach, he'll simply knock the puck away from an attacker with the greatest of ease. He plays 30 minutes a night, too. And if you're into fancy stats, Hedman's analytics are off the charts.