An NHL general manager was perusing the roster of the Buffalo Sabres with a litany of young, emerging talent at all positions and was chagrined, predicting that before long, all of the teams in the conference would be required to look up the standings to find the Sabres. Such is the benefit of bottoming out. Between 1979-2009, 10 NHL teams picked in the top two selections of the entry draft in successive years, as the Sabres also did in 2014 and 2015. Five of those 10 teams ended up making it to the Stanley Cup final and three of them won the Cup.

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The Buffalo Sabres scores and schedule listed here highlight many age-old rivalries for the team with their fellow Atlantic Division clubs. [+]

Five of the eight teams within the Atlantic Division previously were housed in what was the NHL's East Division when the Sabres first joined the NHL in 1970, so there's plenty of history at work here.

The close geopgraphic proximity of the Toronto Maple Leafs guaranteed this would be Buffalo's most enduring rivalry and it didn't hurt that the Sabres' first coach-GM was legendary former Leafs bench boss Punch Imlach. On game night in Buffalo when the Leafs are the visitors, it's often difficult to decipher which is the home team.

The Montreal Canadiens were the opponents in Buffalo's first-ever playoff series, a postseason appearance that was earned after a hard-fought battle for the final playoff spot with the Detroit Red Wings. In the old Adams Division days, the Boston Bruins and the Sabres also went through some bitter playoff battles.


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The Buffalo Sabres up-to-date standings can be located below and the limited progress up the ladder made by the Sabres despite a significant turnaround in fortunes in recent seasons displays exactly what a battle it is to make the playoffs in the NHL today. [+]

Yes, the Sabres are getting better but there's still a ways to go before they can be considered to be anything resembling a contender.

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The Sabres are part of a unique NHL fraternity, though they would gladly surrender their membership in this exclusive club.

Buffalo is one of eight current NHL teams to have appeared in the Stanley Cup final without ever winning a Cup, a group that also includes the Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers, San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues and Vancouver Canucks.


The Sabres (twice), Blues (three) and Canucks (three) are the only teams in this bunch to have failed in their final mission mutiple times. Buffalo fell at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers in 1974-75 and Dallas Stars in 1998-99, both in six-game series.