Best NFC West Betting Sites

The San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks constitute the NFC West. Seattle are the clear frontrunners and should win the division for the next few seasons. Arizona has an aging core but are definitely Seattle’s main threat for NFC West supremacy. The Rams and 49ers are in the process of rebuilding and shouldn’t pose a playoff threat. It’s not currently the best division in the NFL but all of these clubs have a heralded and storied history. 

NFC West Betting Lines Today

Compare the available bets to find ones with highest value. Betting lines fluctuate fairly readily so make sure to confirm your prospective betting lines before locking them in. 

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NFC West Standings Right Now

The NFC West has recently been dominated by the Seattle Seahawks. Expect that trend to continue in the comparatively weak division. 

National Football Conference
National Football Conference
# team P W L + - %
Regular NFC Conference East
1 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 16 13 3 421 306 0.813
2 New York Giants New York Giants 16 11 5 310 284 0.688
3 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 16 8 7 396 383 0.500
4 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 16 7 9 367 331 0.438
Regular NFC Conference North
1 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 16 10 6 432 388 0.625
2 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 16 9 7 346 358 0.563
3 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 16 8 8 327 307 0.500
4 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 16 3 13 279 399 0.188
Regular NFC Conference South
1 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 16 11 5 540 406 0.688
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 9 7 354 369 0.563
3 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 16 7 9 469 454 0.438
4 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 16 6 10 369 402 0.375
Regular NFC Conference West
1 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 16 10 5 354 292 0.625
2 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 16 7 8 418 362 0.438
3 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 16 4 12 224 394 0.250
4 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 16 2 14 309 480 0.125

How To Win At NFC West Betting

It’s a two-horse race between the Seahawks and the Cardinals. However, the Cards don’t really have the pedigree to challenge Seattle atop the NFC West. Put your futures money on the Seahawks, but trust in Arizona to win most of their divisional games. The only divisional game they won’t win is when they travel to Century Link Field. The Seahawks are just too dominant in front of their boisterous, partisan crowd.

When betting on Arizona, back the over in most games. The contrast is true of the Seahawks, as their defense is one of the best in the league. The Cardinals have one of the league’s best offenses, but an aging core might affect their offensive output in coming seasons. 

Expect the Rams and the 49ers to challenge for basement-dweller status. Both teams are rebuilding and both are coming off miserable 2016-17 seasons. San Francisco should muster about four wins, which is the same total the Rams can expect. 

The Rams depend too much on Jared Goff, who hasn’t yet lived up to the lofty expectations associated with his high draft selection. Wihtout a significant improvement from the pivot, LA might find themselves at the bottom of the division, even looking up at the lowly 49ers.  

None of the NFC West teams are currently good enough to win the Super Bowl so keep that in mind when picking your futures bets. It’s one of the weakest divisions in football, a fact that probably won’t change for another two or three seasons. 

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