The 2009 season was the most memorable and historic campaign for the New Orleans Saints. They achieved a franchise record 13 wins in the regular season, which propelled them to their sole Super Bowl triumph. Since the NFC South's 2002 inception, the Saints have competed in the division alongside with the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what is one of the most fierce divisions in the NFL. New Orleans have held their own, winning three divisional titles.

New Orleans Saints Betting Lines Today

Want up to date betting lines for the New Orleans Saints? Look no further, these lines are always up to date and also highlight the Saints next game. [+]

Note that the betting lines in the NFL are liable to fluctuate frequently so it is important that you check back for the current line before placing a bet to avoid any nasty surprises when placing at a sports book.

Also be sure to keep an eye on any injuries. Football is one of those sports where a key player missing can have a massive detrimental effect on the team and their style of play, especially if they do not have much depth in the position in the first place.


Below you can see the Saints full schedule for the entire season. Again accompanied with all up to date betting lines when available. [+]

This gives you a great opportunity to map out the season and try and spot some fixtures nice and early that will make good bets. When there are no prices you can rate the game with a clear head, not being influenced by the betting lines.

Also, once a game is played out it will remain in the schedule with all of the essential information. This allows you to track previous lines and see how well the Saints performed against them.

Analyzing data in this was is essential if you want to better understand the market and how New Orleans have performed against it.

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New Orleans Saints Standings Right Now

The NFL standings are below and like everything else will always be up to date. The standings are another tool you can use to find profitable betting opportunities. [+]

Pay close attention to points for and against as previous totals will help you when thinking about making the over under plays.

A quick run of the numbers shows that since 2012 the New Orleans have not managed more than 28 points per game, in fact this was only one season, the rest have seen them average around 25.

This means we can more accurately look at the over under point total market. Be sure to factor in a hot start and/or any new acquisitions before making this play though. It is often better to let the season play out a little before placing future bets.

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How To Win At New Orleans Saints Betting

The best way to win when betting on the New Orleans Saints is through betting on a game by game basis, making sure you are well up to speed with the Saints current form and injure. Futures, while not the best market for a team like the Saints can still offer some very lucrative betting opportunities.

Remember though these markets are high risk in comparison to  game by game bets, so adjust your stakes a little and let the season unfold before staking. his guarantees you are not taken by surprise with a heavy losing or winning streak.

The better option is to focus on a game by game basis. In the 2015 season the Saints offense scored a hair over 25 points per game and defense conceded just under 30 points, it is clear they have a fairly strong offense and a really poor defense, which means you should look to make plays in the over under market, preferably the over. Fo not just bet blindly though, to m chances of winning be sur to compare the Saints closely with their opposition and you should be able to predict the line accurately.

In 2015 Drew Brees proved to be the Saints most important player of the campaign. He ended the season with 4,780 yards, which was the most in the whole of the NHL and to top it off he was playing a big part of the season with an injury. He made 32 touchdowns and conceded 11 interceptions. Although approaching 37 Bree’s proved he is still more than capable of performing at the highest level and will be undoubtedly be as important for the Saints for a few more years at least.

Offensively the Saints were very good in 2015. They were ranked 1st in passing yards (310.6), second in total yards (403.8). Lacking was their rushing play where they ended up 24th in the league on 93.2 yards.

Defensively was where they let themselves down. They found themselves at the bottom of the order right across the board, 32nd in points (29.8), 31st in total yards (413.4), 31st in passing yards (284) and 31st in rushing yards (129.4). This makes poor reading for any Saints fan, but should bring a wry smile to the face of any shrewd punter. A shocking defense such as this paired with a strong offense means the go to play on a weekly basis will be overs unless something changes to disrupt that.


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