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The NFC East is historically one of the most fiercely competitve divisions in the NFL. And nothing has changed on that front. There is absolutely no love lost between the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and NY Giants. Throw form out of the window when these teams battle it out. The Cowboys and Giants are currently the strongest teams in the division but the gap between them and the Eagles and Redskins is quite small. The Eagles have a promising future ahead while the Redskins are dealing with more tumult than their division rivals. 

NFC East Betting Lines Today

Below confirming your bets, make sure to check out the current betting lines for each game. Depending on various factors, betting lines are known to fluctuate in the lead up to each game.  

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NFL nfc
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NFC East Standings Right Now

This division is one of the most even in the league, so don’t expect any runaways. Find out how each team is currently faring by checking the NFC East standings below. 

National Football Conference
National Football Conference
# team P W L + - %
Regular NFC Conference East
1 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 12 6 6 310 236 0.500
2 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 12 5 7 274 284 0.417
3 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 12 3 9 173 290 0.250
4 New York Giants New York Giants 12 2 10 230 339 0.167
Regular NFC Conference North
1 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 12 9 3 289 255 0.750
2 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 12 8 4 319 242 0.667
3 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 12 6 6 212 208 0.500
4 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 12 3 8 280 315 0.292
Regular NFC Conference South
1 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 12 10 2 298 248 0.833
2 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 12 5 7 280 320 0.417
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12 5 7 340 346 0.417
4 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 12 3 9 260 323 0.250
Regular NFC Conference West
1 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 12 10 2 349 183 0.833
2 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 12 10 2 329 293 0.833
3 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 12 7 5 283 250 0.583
4 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 12 3 8 255 351 0.292

How To Win At NFC East Betting

Another exciting season is on tap for the NFC East. The 2016-17 season showed how close this division is. Led by Dak Prescott, the Cowboys eventually outlasted their bitter rivals. But Prescott isn’t the only promising young quarterback suiting up in this division. The Eagles are building their team around Carson Wentz, who enjoyed one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory. 

And then you have Eli Manning and Kirk Cousins, two stalwarts calling the plays for the Redskins and Giants, respectively. Manning has a chance to win another Super Bowl with his team while the Redskins are competitive, but don’t have the pedigree to challenge for glory. 

In 2017-18, look for the New York Giants to win the division, primarily because of Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension. Six games is a long time for a team to go without one of the league’s best running backs. The Eagles should pip the Redskins for third place. Whichever team comes out of the NFC East will have a viable chance at making a Super Bowl run. The Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons will have something to say about that, though. 

Back the Giants to win the NFC East. The Cowboys will still make the playoffs and could do some severe damage once their all-star running back returns to action.

Throw form out of the window when NFC East teams play against each other. Pay close attention to injury reports and suspensions while favoring the home team. That is unless the Redskins are playing at home. Washington won only four of eight home games and are hitorically susceptible when hosting a division rival.

Contrastingly, give the Redskins the credit they deserve when traveling to Dallas, Philly or New York. The odds might not favor the Redskins, which could offer steep potential returns.  

Before you make your final wager on the NFC East team of your choice, make sure to peruse the best online sportsbooks to find the one that suits you best.