The Oakland Raiders are now bonafide AFC favorites. Derek Carr signed a behemoth contract during the 2017 offseason. He is crucial to the Raiiders playoff chances, as showcased when the pivot went down with a season-ending injury at the end of the 2016-17 season. The Raiders couldn't cope without their star quarterback and faltered badly in the playoffs. Carr is back and this team is expected to be one of the top AFC squads. Only the Steelers and Patriots have a slightly better chance in the AFC of going all the way to the dance. 

Oakland Raiders Betting Lines Today

Check out the betting lines for the Oakland Raiders' next game here. In addition to the overs, unders, moneylines and spreads, you'll also be able to find kickoff times. [+]

As you prepare your wagers, always try revisiting this page a few times throughout the day and the week. Game lines can change a lot in the NFL since there is so much time in between their release and kickoff. And the slightest tweak can alter a whole bunch.

Whether it's an injury, a player's return or even a sportsbook taking too much action on a particular side, you want to have the most updated numbers before submitting your gambles. This page ensures you'll never want for accurate intel. 

The Oakland Raiders' entire schedule, from start to finish, can be found here. We have also included the scores of past contests to help you out even further. [+]

Taking notice of those previous scores is one of a sports bettor's greatest weapons. By seeing where the Raiders struggle or thrive, you can configure blueprints that are then applied to any future single game bet.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Are the Raiders a better over or under play? Do they cover the spread consistently at home? How about on the road? What is their record when they are double digit favorites? And what about when they are double digit underdogs? How have they played against the rest of the AFC West? Have they stood up to the betting lines against cross conference rivals from the NFC?

Finding out this information, documenting it and updating it throughout the season will make for some seriously rewarding single game bets.

For those who like to plan ahead, meanwhile, it's always a good idea to study upcoming opponents. The game lines won't be available too far in advance, but by dissecting the rosters, play styles and records, you can have a strong grasp on the game, and how you should bet, before the sportsbooks even make the odds offical.

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Oakland Raiders Standings Right Now

These are the Oakland Raiders' standings right now. Make sure to know where they sit relative to the rest of the AFC West and entire AFC at all times. [+]

Memorizing this information is doubly important for midseason futures bettors. If you want to see whether the Raiders are legitimate division, conference or Super Bowl gambles, just look at how their record compares to their rivals.

For the AFC West, see if they are hanging with the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. For the entire AFC, find out if they're within striking distance of a notorious powerhouse like the New England Patriots. And ditto for the Super Bowl odds.

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How To Win At Oakland Raiders Betting

The Oakland Raiders can't wait until the 2017-18 season gets underway. They are hot favorites to come out of the AFC West as division champions. Expected to better their 12-win mark from the 2016-17 season, Carr and the Raiders are poised to make a statement of intent, proving they are as good as pundits attest. 

Strong on the road and at home, the Raiders are reliable bets no matter where they play. Their loyal, raucous fan base, however, will feel hard done by regarding the team's imminent relocation to Las Vegas. Will that affect the Raiders performances on home turf in the 2017-18 season? We don't think so but you never know. Track their progress in the first few weeks to ensure they are immune from this off-field issue. 

The Raiders had loads of trouble agaisnt fellow AFC West teams which is quite surprising. It is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL, but three of four season losses against divisional opponents is just too many. They need to be much better in diviisional games to, as expected, win the division. 

Back the Raiders to win the AFC West but refrain from making them your AFC Championship bet. While formidable, this current team isn't good enough defensively to win the AFC. Those honors will go to either Pittsburgh or, you guessed it, New England. 

Confidently veer toward the over in most Raiders games. They score points for fun and aren't particularly convincing on the defensive side of the ball. Until that trend changes, put money repeatedly on the over. You'll be glad you did.