Does the AFC West division have an [+]

AFC or Super Bowl contender in its midst? That's the question all sports bettors are now tasked with answering. And the answer may surprise you. The Denver Broncos, in recent years, have ensured the answer to this question is a resounding yes. They paired a stingy defense with a potent offense. And when quarterback Peyton Manning couldn't carry the offensive hopes, they adjusted, doubling down on a defensive model that carried them to a Super Bowl in 2015.

But Manning has since retired, and his supposed-to-be successor, Brock Osweiler, is with the Houston Texans. And while the Broncos are expected to retain key defensive contriubtors Von Miller and Aqib Talib, they haven't upgraded the surrounding talent at all. They've actually lost guys.

Inside linebacker Danny Trevathan is now in Chicago, and defensive tackle Malik Jackson is in Jacksonville. So there is no guarantee they can maintain a defense that ranked fourth in points allowed per game, third in rushing yards allowed per game and first in passing yards allowed per game last season.

And if the defense regresses, so will the Broncos. They don't have the offensive firepower, with Mark Sanchez now at quarterback, to survive without a top-notch touchdown-preventing unit.

Which brings us back to the original question: Does AFC West division have a conference or Super Bowl contender? Or will the inevitable decline of the Broncos displace it from futures prominence on the sportsbetting front?

The answer is now up to the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

AFC West Betting Lines Today

Here are all the betting lines for the AFC West division this coming week. Once you look at their opponents, the spreads, the overs, the unders and the moneylines, in addition to kickoff times, you should have an idea of how you want to bet. [+]

If you don't, then make sure you're continuously returning to this page right up until you place your wager.

Lines change frequently in the NFL, since they are published days in advance. Player absences, player returns and unexpected action on a certain bet or team will force sportsbooks to shift the odds.

By making this page a part of your daily viewing, you'll never lack the most accurate information as you pre your bets. And if you do jump the gun, placing a bet too early, you can keep track of its validity by monitoring any stark shifts in odds.

Take this scenario for example: The San Diego Chargers are favored to beat their AFC West rival Okaland Raiders by two touchdowns on Sunday. You bet in their favor on Wednesday. Then, on Friday, you find out San Diego's quarterback, Philip Rivers, won't be under center.

Knowing this gives you an opportunity to place a different bet on this game or another game to account for the discrepancy and your assumed losses. That's not an ideal situation, but it's still a chance for you to avoid getting smoked overall.

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AFC West Standings Right Now

Take stock of the AFC West's standings at this moment right here. This is basic information, but it's extremely valuable nevertheless—incredibly so when you consider the transformation the division is undergoing. [+]

There is no more betting on the Denver Broncos to win the division without giving it some serious thought. The defense is different, the offense is still underwhelming. That opens up opportunities for other teams to steal their crown.

And that means you should be giving additional consideration to the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. Not one of those teams is guaranteed to overthrow the Broncos, but they most certainly could.

Keep tabs on which teams are hovering around first and second place as the season progresses. That will let you know where you should focus your attention when betting on a division winner during the middle of the season.

If you're compelled to make a preseason wager, it's best to stick with last year's two best AFC West squads, the Broncos and Chiefs. At least one of them should be in the mix to win the division this time around.

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How To Win At AFC West Betting

To win at AFC West betting, you have to take each of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers as they are. Do not try and force single game or futures action for which some teams may not be suited. Play to every squad's identity—to their betting strength.

The Broncos' betting strength is still the under. Their defense won't be as good as it was during the most recent Super Bowl run, but it should rank inside the top 10 of points allowed per game. And you can bet your last dollar the offense will still fall inside the bottom half of the league in points scored.

All of that makes for consistent under plays. You'll need to follow along with their season to confirm this approach long term, of course. The defense could implode or quarterback March Sanchez could explode. We don't know. For now, the Broncos are an under darling.

The Chargers, conversely, are an over darling. They hovered around the bottom 10 of points scored and allowed per game last season, but they have the offensive talent, specifically in quarterback Philip Rivers, to hang more points on the board. The signing of wide receiver Travis Benjamin should help as well.

As for their defense, it isn't going to be good. They made some additions in free agents, but nothing that will move the needle of their porously built secondary. The Chargers will let up a lot of touchdowns while throwing for a lot of touchdowns. That's the definition of a phenomenal over play.

The Raiders are your win total plays. Definitely use them as game to game bets as well, but most people are still shocked the combination of quarterback Derek Carr and wideout Amari Cooper led them to seven wins last season. The sportsbooks may be just as shocked.

If you find an over/under on the Raiders' win totals set at seven or less, invest in the over. Anything higher, we recommend staying. The Raiders could win nine or more games, but as a young team still on the mend, they could also just as easily fall below nine.

Last but not least, the Chiefs are your everything plays.

Seriously? Seriously.

Kansas City was incredibly underrated last season. The Chiefs ranked ninth in points scored per game, and third in points allowed per week. That's the balance conference and Super Bowl bettors should look for when weighing futures.

Now that they're healthier on offense, and after having re-signed all their pivotal defensive free agents, the Chiefs are in position to take the entire AFC by storm once again. 

If you're going to use an AFC West team as a preseason Super Bowl bet, make sure it's them.