All these years later, the Pittsburgh Steelers are still kicking it on the sportsbetting front as everything plays. Last season was a struggle for them because of injuries (Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell) and suspensions (Martavis Bryant, also Bell). And yet, they still managed to win 10 games and finish second in the AFC North. Imagine what they can do when they're actually healthy. On second thought, you won't have to. They will be mostly healthy leading into 2016. (Martavis Bryant is suspended for the year.) [+]

That added lineup stability should mark the return to everything bets after a brief respite. 

The Steelers have their work cut out for them in their division, with the Cincinnati Bengals still coming on strong. The Bengals are far more balanced thanks to their top seven defense, while the Steelers are still working out the kinks on that side.

But their defense isn't terrible. They ranked in the top one-third of points allowed per game last year, in addition to finishing first in total yards amassed on the offense. So they are on the verge of balance. 

If they strike that balance, sneaking into the top nine or 10 of points allowed per game in 2016, then bet on their conference and Super Bowl odds. This is not to say you shouldn't invest in them during the offseason. But if you're looking for a bit more certainty, gauging their play into the middle of the season is the way to go.

Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Lines Today

The spreads, moneylines, overs, unders and kickoff times—aka all the betting lines–for the Pittsburgh Steelers' next game are right here. [+]

Taking stock of them should be the first step of any bettor's weekly process.

In viewing these lines, though, make sure you know they can change. These NFL odds get released a few days in advance and are often subject to tweaks. Injuries to key players move the lines, as do the returns of pivotal contributors.

Lines also shift because of unforeseen early action. If, for example, people are flocking toward the Pittsburgh Steelers' spread odds, sportsbooks will adjust to account for those plays. 

Visiting this page a few times if you don't place your bet right away ensures you stay on top of any adjustments that are enacted.

This is the Pittsburgh Steeler's complete schedule, which also includes the scores of past games. Make sure to use it as a way of prepping for bets in advance. [+]

Impending matchups beyond the current week won't come accompanied with odds. But you don't need them. You can study the Steelers' offensive and defensive numbers, along with their record, then see how all that fares against the upcoming opponents.

By doing this, you're all but guaranteeing you'll be able to make a fast and profitable decision once the game lines are made official.

Scores of previous games are equally valuable, if not more so. 

Are the Steelers covering spreads at home? How about on the road? Do high octane offenses give them problems? Are they struggling against ridiculously good defensive teams? Have they emerged as better over or under plays?

All of these questions, and ones just like them, can be answered by looking at previous scores. From there, you're able to apply that information to every single game bet you make for or against the Steelers.

Results / FixturesPittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Standings Right Now

This is where you can find the Pittsburgh Steelers' current standings. Midseason futures bettors will want to make this page a regular part of their research, especially with Martavis Bryant ruled out for all of 2016. [+]

If the Steelers' record compares to those of widely recognized AFC and Super Bowl contenders, that's license to further look into their futures odds. If they don't, which is kind of a possiblity with them missing their second best receiver in Bryant, then you'll need to keep clear of the odds, however lucrative. They won't be worth it.

Also make sure you're keeping an eye on their standing within the AFC North division. That'll help you determine whether you should throw money on them to beat out the likes of the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals.

StandingsPittsburgh Steelers

How To Win Betting On Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown had himself a season in 2015. He finished with 136 receptions, 1,834 yards in the air and 10 touchdowns—all of which were career highs. Use this to your advantage in the season long props betting department.

Brown is only just set to turn 28 years old. He is still in the prime of his career. There is a strong chance he could still improve upon 2015's performance, though that will be tough with Martavis Bryant suspended for the entirety of the 2016 season.

But that only means Brown will be targeted more, both overall and in the red zone. 

Try betting the over on his number of receptions each game. Touchdowns and yards will be investments at your discretion. Teams will send double coverage at Brown whenever he goes deep or is in the red zone, given the absence of Bryant, so that could adversely impact his long yardage plays and touchdown receptions.

Overall, though, his usage should be through the roof. That makes him a super interesting receptions number bet until further notice. 

And by the way, if there's a site offering futures in the props section, as some do, centering on Brown's number of catches for the season, an over/under of 100 to 110 is just begging for your over attention.

Definitely continue using the Pittsburgh Steelers as over plays on your single game bets. There are almost no exceptions.

First exception: If they are facing one of the league's five best defenses, any of which will significantly hamstring their offensive exploits. Second exception: If they are facing a team like their division rival Cincinnati Bengals—a sqaud that ranks in the top seven of both offensive and defensive production.

Third exception, but this should go without saying: Injuries. If Ben Roethlisberger isn't ready to go, or one of the Steelers' top receivers, Antonio Brown mostly, are injured, don't go expecting them to score points as usual. It's possible, sure, But be far more cautious with your bets.

And that's it. Every other kind of game/opponent should receive over consideration.

The Steelers' defense, to be sure, isn't that bad. The offense is just that good. They ranked fourth in total points and first in total yards collected last season. And that was with Big Ben missing one-quarter of the season (four games).

At full strength, this Steelers offense is going to destroy defenses with big yardage gains and a bunch of touchdowns. That's cause enough to invest in the over.

It almost doesn't matter how good their defense is, either.

If the Steelers field a bad (unlikely) to average (likely) defense, they'll let up enough points to help prop up the over. If they deploy a top-notch defense (possible, not likely), then the offense should still, on its own, be able to brighten their over potential.

In sumary, make sure the Steelers are healthy on the offensive side of the pigskin. Because if they are, over will be the best way to go most weeks.