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It has been nearly 10 years since the Cleveland Browns have last finished at .500 or better over an entire season. That’s left them as one of the biggest headaches for [+]

NFL bettors. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The smart gamblers don’t even bother placing bets in their favor anymore. It’s not worth it. Might that change in 2015? The short answer? No, it won’t change. Because the Browns haven’t changed. Cleveland has a new quarterback in Robert Griffin III and a new head coach in Hue Jackson, but that guarantees nothing.

Griffin, a former rookie of the year, flamed out in Washington. And Jackson isn’t yet a proven head coach.

Besides, no one player is going to fix the mess that the Browns are currently in. They need to be rebuilt almost from the ground up. They ranked 30th of 32 teams in points scored per game last season, and they were 29th of 32 in points allowed.

That tire fire won’t change overnight, or even over the course of one offseason. And even if it could, the Browns have not done enough to make that leap. They didn’t make any huge free-agent additions outside of Griffin, and their top draft, first-round defensive linement Danny Shelton, is instantly their best pass rusher among incumbent defensive linement. That means he’ll draw most of the ire from rival offensive lines, limiting the immediate impact that he can make.

All in all, the Browns aren’t even single game plays, let alone strong futures options. They are what we’re now going to call “random plays.” 

If you see a game in which you think they shouldn’t be favored or, more likely, unfavored by a substantial amount, that’s when you strike. Basically, you’re hunting out matchups they can win on a specific Sunday. And if you don’t find them, it’s best to stay away or, perhaps, bet against them.

Cleveland Browns Betting Lines Today

This widget shows you the betting lines for the Cleveland Browns’ next game. Take in the spreads, overs, unders and moneylines and decide which to invest in.  [+]

Game lines during the NFL regular season do tend to change, however. They are usually published days in advance, making them more susceptible to player injuries, player returns or an inordinate amount of action placed on one team or line.

Unless you lay down a bet right away, as soon as the odds go live, you’ll want to keep rechecking the numbers on the page. Stay as informed as possible, so when you do go make a bet, you won’t be caught off guard by any potential changes.

NFL » Regular
Sunday 27 October
Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots

Browns @ Patriots


Odds are not currently available for this game.

Cleveland Browns Scores & Schedule

Take a look at the Cleveland Browns’ complete schedule, which also shows you the scores of their past games. Many bettors tend to overlook the importance of this. Don’t be one of them. [+]

Looking ahead in the schedule will enable you to plan certain bets in advance. Next week’s games won’t have offical lines to use until this week’s matchups have concluded, but you can still get most of what you need by comparing the Browns’ offense, defense, record and injury reports to those of their opponents.

When the game odds are actually published, you’ll be able to make a quick and efficient wager having already done all of the important legwork. Other bettors will be scrambling, trying to adjust for changing odds. You, though, will have the peace of mind that only comes with exceptional preparation.

Turning to past games helps you iron out a weekly betting pattern on the Browns.

See which types of teams they struggle against. It’s probably most teams. So then see which types of matchups may warrant bets in their favor.

Are they covering spreads against good defensive units? Are they better against strong offensive opponents? Have they emerged as better over or under plays? Is this Browns team, against all odds, prone to shocking better overall factions in the over, under, moneyline or spread departments?

Document the answers to such questions as the season presses on. Combine all your findings and return to them each week to see if the bigger picture has changed. The information you yield can then be applied to every Browns game based off their opponent and the location of said tilt.

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Competitions Away Score Home Money Line
August 2019 (4)
Thu 8 Redskins 10 - 30 Cleveland Browns
Sat 17 Cleveland Browns 21 - 18 Colts
Fri 23 Cleveland Browns 12 - 13 Buccaneers
Thu 29 Detroit Lions 16 - 20 Cleveland Browns
September 2019 (4)
Sun 8 Tennessee Titans 43 - 13 Cleveland Browns
Mon 16 Cleveland Browns 23 - 3 New York Jets
Sun 22 Los Angeles Rams 20 - 13 Cleveland Browns
Sun 29 Cleveland Browns 40 - 25 Baltimore Ravens
October 2019 (3)
Mon 7 Cleveland Browns 3 - 31 49ers
Sun 13 Seattle Seahawks 32 - 28 Cleveland Browns
Sun 27 Cleveland Browns 16:25 Patriots
November 2019 (4)
Sun 3 Cleveland Browns 16:25 Denver Broncos
Sun 10 Buffalo Bills 13:00 Cleveland Browns
Thu 14 Steelers 20:20 Cleveland Browns
Sun 24 Miami Dolphins 13:00 Cleveland Browns
December 2019 (5)
Sun 1 Cleveland Browns 16:25 Steelers
Sun 8 Bengals 13:00 Cleveland Browns
Sun 15 Cleveland Browns 16:05 Cardinals
Sun 22 Baltimore Ravens 13:00 Cleveland Browns
Sun 29 Cleveland Browns 13:00 Bengals

Cleveland Browns Standings Right Now

These are the Cleveland Browns’ standings right now. Immediately, this is just your confirmation that they are still bad. But this look will hold more value in the distant future. [+]

For now, the standings can help you cook up moneyline bets. See if the Browns’ next opponent has a significantly better (or worse) record than them, and then bet on a winner accordingly.

Once they become division, conference or Super Bowl futures plays, you’ll know immediately by placing their record alongside those of widely accepted contenders. If they stack up, then they’re worth further invesitation on the futures front.

If they don’t, then you’ll know to stick with single game plays.

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# team P W L + - %
1 New England Patriots New England Patriots 7 7 0 223 48 1.000
2 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 6 6 0 156 64 1.000
3 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 7 6 1 184 139 0.857
4 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 7 6 1 164 147 0.857
5 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 6 5 1 121 91 0.833
6 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 7 5 2 214 156 0.714
7 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 7 5 2 202 150 0.714
8 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 7 5 2 192 123 0.714
9 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 7 5 2 181 176 0.714
10 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 6 4 2 166 133 0.667
11 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 6 4 2 143 138 0.667
12 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 7 4 3 190 124 0.571
13 Houston Texans Houston Texans 7 4 3 185 164 0.571
14 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 7 4 3 190 164 0.571
15 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 6 3 3 112 105 0.500
16 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 6 3 3 127 165 0.500
17 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 7 3 3 161 192 0.500
18 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 7 3 4 144 148 0.429
19 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 7 3 4 171 186 0.429
20 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 7 3 4 121 112 0.429
21 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 6 2 3 149 160 0.417
22 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 6 2 4 120 154 0.333
23 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 6 2 4 123 131 0.333
24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 2 4 173 185 0.333
25 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 7 2 5 112 136 0.286
26 Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers 7 2 5 140 141 0.286
27 New York Giants New York Giants 7 2 5 132 187 0.286
28 New York Jets New York Jets 6 1 5 63 156 0.167
29 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 7 1 6 145 223 0.143
30 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 7 1 6 90 176 0.143
31 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 7 0 7 114 186 0
32 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 6 0 6 63 211 0

How To Win At Cleveland Browns Betting

If you do feel the urge to use the Cleveland Browns as weekly betting plays, try experimenting with their over odds.

Cleveland’s defense will be bad again. That’s a fact. It was the third worst in the NFL last year, and any improvement in the coming season will be marginal at best. The Browns will give up a boat load of points, and that greatly drives up the appeal of over wagers.

The offense, of course, doesn’t have the same effect. It was the second worst attack in football last season, and its improvement isn’t guaranteed. Robert Griffin III feels like he could be an offensive upgrade, but he’s not even assured of starting ahead of Josh McCown. 

Still, the Browns have some talent elsewhere. Running backs Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson are both solid ground options, and tight end Gary Barnidge set the world on fire last season. Andrew Hawkins and Corey Coleman, their top two receivers, also come with serious upside.

On some level, then, the offsense should be better. It won’t be great, but it will be good enough hang some more touchdowns on the opposing defenses. Bake in their own defensive struggles, and the scores of most Browns games should be through the roof—enough to make you want to bet on the over.

It can be maddeningly difficult to make any real money betting on the Cleveland Browns. Your best option is to remain opportunistic and suss out good wagers during the middle of the season.

For example, if you see that the Browns are exceeding expectations midway through the season, that’s a good time to perhaps take a look at their win total odds. They might be worth an over ticket by that point.

You’ll also want to monitor the progression of Robert Griffin III. He may be the key to the Browns exceeding all their expectations.

A good quarterback, after all, can rescue the Browns’ offense from the bottom of the NFL. And that subsequently will help them climb out of the win totals gutter. So it’s beyond important to keep track of his progress.

Is he even playing, or is Josh McCown under center? Has Griffin’s completion rate improved? Is tight end Gary Barnidge still the offense’s preferred passing target? Has Griffin been given the freedom to roam outside the pocket and pick up substantial gains on the ground?

Just know that Griffin he won’t impact their lack of futures clout. Short of aliens abducting the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens, the Browns have no chance of winning the AFC North, making the playoffs, winning the conference or earning a Super Bowl victory.