Since winning the Super Bowl in 2013, the Baltimore Ravens have not been the best betting play. They went a middling 10-6 in 2014, before imploding in 2015, winning just five of their 16 bettors. The downside for bettors? Things don't look like they're going to improve much in 2016. The Ravens didn't make many changes to their roster, which is a problem. They poached safety Eric Weddle from the [+]

San Diego Chargers, and that should help their secondary a great deal.

But for a team that basically ranked in the bottom seven of both points scored and points allowed per game, they really needed to do more.

On the bright side, there is a chance their offense improves a great deal. The combination of Justin Forsett and breakout candidate Javorious Allen on the ground should give the Ravens a strong running attack. And the hope is that Steve Smith Sr. and Mike Wallace can combine for more production in the air.

Quarterback Joe Flacco's completion percentage was also the highest of his career in 2015. It didn't translate to insane stats, but if the Ravens can make the necessary adjustments on their routes and play calls, from a coaching standpoint, he has the arm to power them through.

That admittedly doesn't give the Ravens much hope. It makes them single game plays and, perhaps, low end postseason bets. But in terms of winning the division, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals in their way, or making some noise on a conference and Super Bowl level, it doesn't look good.

Baltimore Ravens Betting Lines Today

These are the betting lines for the Baltimore Ravens' next game. Take a look at the spreads, overs, unders and moneylines, in addition to their opponent. [+]

However, try to keep updating this page right until you place your bet. NFL game lines have a tendency to move throughout the middle of the week, since there is so much time between when they're published and when the action on the field actually starts.

The slightest things can cause these changes, including, but not limited to, player injuries, player returns and excessive amounts of certain bets that force sportsbooks to tinker with the odds.

Essentially, the more you look at this page, the more informed you'll be. And that is never, ever a bad thing.

Here is your complete look at the Baltimore Ravens' schedule. It is also provides a look at their scores of past games so that you can make better informed decisions for future tilts. [+]

By studying those scores and the opponents they come against, you can see where the Ravens struggle or thrive.

Do they cover spreads at home on a consistent basis? Should you be betting against their spreads when they're on the road? Did they ever emerge as good over or under plays? Are they hitting moneylines against really good offensive teams? What about when they're pitted against good defenses?

Have either of the conferences, the NFC or AFC, been giving them trouble against the spreads? How do they match up with their division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns?

The answers to all these questions offer something of a betting rubric you can use to make decisions on your wagers for their upcoming games. Simply look back at those results, see who the Ravens are playing, where they're playing them and you'll have an immediate hold which gambles to make.

Traveling ahead in the schedule poses more straightforward benefits. It allows you to dissect the anatomy of every game in advance, comparing the Ravens' roster, play style, record and everything else you can think of against those of their opponent.

Offical games lines won't be available weeks in advance to help you with your due diligence, but truthfully, after doing that research, you won't need them. You'll have all the information you need to make intelligible wagers long before they ever actually come out.

Results / FixturesBaltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Standings Right Now

Check out the Baltimore Ravens' current place in the standings. All of you who are planning to dabble in midseason futures will be glad this is here. [+]

To start finding out what, if any, futures should apply to the Ravens, just see how their record matches up with known commodities in a particular department.

If they are keeping pace with the Pittsburgh Steels and/or Cincinnati Bengals, you'll know they are potential division plays. And if they're also hanging tight with accepted conference and Super Bowl contenders, such as the New England Patriots, you'll know they're worth another look on that front as well.

StandingsBaltimore Ravens

How To Win At Baltimore Ravens Betting

Stick strictly to moneyline and spread plays for the Baltimore Ravens to start the season. The overs and unders are too unpredictable for them right now.

Both the offense and the defense were pretty bad last year, making them tough over or under bets as it was. Now they're arguably even tougher, because while one of the offense or defense should improve, you cannot really tell until the season is underway.

That's the danger for sportsbettors when teams bank on internal development. It's a fine way to rebuild and retool, especially in the NFL, but predicting progress amid minimal changes when a team isn't getting back a key player who was injured the season before is next to impossible.

On the single game, front, then you'll want to begin the season spotting games you think they decisively win or lose by studying the matchups, then funnel your action into the moneylines and spreads.

Once four or more games are in the books, and you have an idea of what type of team the Ravens are—offensive specialists, defensive studs or neither—that's when you can take a more definitive stance on the overs and unders. 

For the time being, until they make a substantive overall leap or forge a clear identity on either side of the ball that can aide you at the sportsbook, the Baltimore Ravens won't be making you a ton of money on their own. But don't get discouraged.

There are still ways you can use them to your benefit.

As we said before, try selecting games you know they'll win or lose, then bet the moneyline and spreads there. That'll help you keep in tune with their performance while hopefully winning a few dollars.

After that, consider parlaying their moneylines, and moneylines only, alongside other, more lucrative gambles.

By this we mean pick a game you think in your heart the Ravens will absolutely win or lose. Choose the necessary moneyline on that game, then attach it to other spread, moneyline, over and under bets.

This drums up your return on those other wagers by essentially acting as your lock of the week. It's not an ideal situation to be in, as there really is no such thing as a sure bet. 

But, in the end, this is a way of keeping the Ravens in your betting arsenal without having to make wholesale concessions on the way you play.