When NBA teams get caught in that gray area between competing and rebuilding, it becomes difficult to successfully bet on them. The Utah Jazz are no exception. They have not made the postseason since 2012, but they remain on the fringes of the Western Conference playoff discussion. Your job as the sportsbettor moving forward is to figure out how close they are on various futures fronts. Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert and Rodney Hood are above average players at their respective positions; [+]

Trey Lyles is an up and coming combo big man; Shelvin Mack is good enough to direct this offense; Alec Burks still carries a ton of offensive upside; and Dante Exum, who missed all of the 2015-16 crusade with an ACL injury, is a top five prospect who has barely scratched the surface of his two way potential.

Those are all good things—signs that the Jazz are on the right path. They already have a first rate defense, and if not for an injury to Gobert this past season, they probably would have made the playoffs. 

But almosts don't win you money at the sportsbooks. The Jazz underachieved in 2015-16 by many measures. If you bet on them making the playoffs, or even played the over/under on their win totals, you were likely disappointed.

Don't make that same mistake this time around. This is a team you have to wait out. See what they do over the offseason. Look at who they acquire, and who they lose. Then, after all that's done, you can decide which types of futures, if any, they're worthy of.

Utah Jazz Betting Lines Today

All the betting lines—spreads, moneylines, overs and unders—for the Utah Jazz's next game can be found here. Pay attention to the start times, as those show you how long you have before sportsbooks will stop taking bets. [+]

Also keep an eye on the initial lines if you are not making a bet right away. Single game odds don't usually change in the NBA during the regular season, but they can—especially if a key player is returning or suffering from injury.

Checking back here a few times right up until you place your bet ensures all wagers are made with the most accurate information in mind.

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Find the Utah Jazz's entire schedule, including the scores to past games, below. If you have any intention of planning some of your bets in advance, you'll want to return here often. [+]

Jumping ahead in the schedule, to look at forthcoming matchups, lets you break down the Jazz's roster versus that of their opponent well before tipoff. You won't be able to measure these findings against official game lines right away, but when you plan ahead that far in advance, you're so informed you don't need exact lines to know how you should bet.

Past scores are invaluable because they alert you to specific patterns to keep in mind.

Consider how the Jazz fare against strong offensive team or stingy defensive units. See how they do against the spread at home compared to on the road. Make sure they remain good under plays.

All of this information can help you shape the most accurate single game bets possible.

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Utah Jazz Standings Right Now

Take a look at the Utah Jazz's place in the standings. Midseason futures bettors will be especially glad that they did. [+]

Keep track of the Jazz's record. As you do this, compare it to the records of established Western Conference and overall title contenders.

Should the Jazz's record hold up against these teams, you'll know to start taking their conference and championship futures seriously. But if you see that they are lottery-bound, or even headed for a low-end playoff berth, you'll know to stick with single game wagers and straight bets that aim to decide whether they'll reach the postseason.

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How To Win At Utah Jazz Betting

Few teams are as intriguing under plays as the Utah Jazz. And that's not about to change.

Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert and Gordon Hayward combine to form one of the most feared defensive frontlines in all of basketball. Rodney Hood and Dante Exum, meanwhile, give the Jazz two rangy wings with the ability to suffocate opposing ball-handlers and shooters.

Scoring on Utah is tough as a result, making the team an attractive under bet by default. But it gets better.

The Jazz don't deploy an especially potent offense. They can score efficiently at times, but they don't score in bunches. That's not their bag.

Head coach Quinn Snyder has his team relying predominantly on half-court sets, which drives down their pace and curbs their number of offensive possessions. The Jazz also don't shoot a ton of threes. They can't.

Neither of their starting bigs has three-point range, and Dante Exum, when healthy, bogs down the team's spacing as well. And if you aren't going to shoot threes in today's NBA, you're not going to score many points.

Combine that with the Jazz's gritty defense, and it's obvious you should milk the unders. And unless Utah adds another high end shooter and playmaker over the summer or during the middle of the year, you should be able to ride that betting wave all season long.

The first key to winning at Utah Jazz betting is to remain patient. There will be an urge to turn them into profound futures plays. That's what happens when you look at a team's roster, see it's top tier defense and get seduced by its long term potential.

But the Jazz are still figuring things out. They are, despite the host of win now talent, still rebuilding.

For them to make the jump from single game staples and low end playoff candidates, they must first reinvent the offense. Part of that will start with carving out a consistent role for Dante Exum. They need to figure out what he can do as a potential point guard, and also see if he can develop a consistent three point stroke.

Even then, though, the Jazz will need a healthy infusion of offense to take that next step. And while they have cap space, they aren't known to scour the market in search of substantial upgrades.

If their approach changes, and they decided to add a big time playmaker or stretch forward, you'll be free to skip a step and use them as long shot conference and champoinship spins.

Otherwise, you're encouraged to wait.

Maybe the Jazz, as they stand, can make some crazy noise in the West, ultimately becoming real contenders and, thus, worth conference and championship wagers. But it's not worth betting on that happening until it actually happens.

Give this team, whatever it looks like, 15 to 20 games to reveal its identity on both sides of the floor. A strong start that pits them within the top four of the Western Conference warrants further investigation and potential stock in futures. Even a blockbuster trade acquisition will be cause to re-evaluate their ceiling on the futures front.

But, as of now, stick to the individual games. The extent of their futures value is finding a site that will let you bet on them making the playoffs and see if those odds are worth your time.