Anyone who has ever set foot in the NBA sportsbetting scene knows about the San Antonio Spurs. They aren't just one of the most consistent gambling options today; they are one of the most dependable plays in the history of the NBA. And guess what? Nothing is going to change anytime soon.That's right, the Spurs have set themselves up to be everything plays for the forseeable future. They, unlike most other teams, are protected against the rigors of time.Their players are not, to be sure. [+]

Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, and even Tony Parker, are very clearly on the decline. Duncan and Ginobili will be retiring soon, if not before next season.

But the Spurs continue to dredge up talent from the NBA draft and free agency. They have Kawhi Leonard. Danny Green. LaMarcus Aldridge. Kyle Anderson. Patty Mills. Jonathan Simmons. Their identity is no longer solely tethered to their original Big Three.

Long after Duncan and Ginobili, and even head coach Gregg Popovich are gone, the Spurs will be contending for Western Conference titles and NBA championships. They still have some improvements to make, most of which need to come on the fly if they don't want to miss a beat, but even during a transition year in 2015-16, they managed to keep pace with the best-ever Golden State Warriors.

Leonard's age and meteoric ascension through the superstar ranks is cause alone to keep investing in them at the sportsbooks. And don't limit yourself, provided you can afford it. 

Bet on single games. Bank on them winning the Southwest division. Count them as Western Conference plays. Roll the dice on their championship odds. Relative to almost every other team in the NBA, the Spurs are worth it.

San Antonio Spurs Betting Lines Today

Check out the betting lines for the San Antonio Spurs' next game below. The overs, unders, spreads, moneylines and start times are all here, so this is like your betting one-stop shop. [+]

Get in the habit of coming back here, perhaps multiple times, before actually placing your bet. This way, if the lines change from when they were intially published, you'll know in advance and can direct your wagers accordingly.

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Here you'll find the San Antonio Spurs' entire schedule. It includes the scores of past games, which you can use to better shape your future bets. [+]

See how the Spurs performed against Western Conference teams and Eastern Conference teams. Find out whether they have covered the over or the under more for a particular season. On what percentage of their home games do they cover the spread? And how about when they're on the road?

All of this information, among other intel, will give you a betting outline for future games. Just make sure you have a large enough sample—at least 15 games—off which to base your findings.

And if you really want to get ahead, try analyzing specific matchups in advance. Though actual game lines won't be available too early, comparing and contrasting the Spurs' play style and record with those of their opponent will guarantee you have an easier time making a decision one the offical odds go live.

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San Antonio Spurs Standings Right Now

Look at the San Antonio Spurs standings to see how they compare to the rest of the Western Conference and the NBA. Midseason futures bettors will find this overview especially valuable. [+]

If the Spurs remain near the top of the West, and their record is also one of the best in the entire league, they become instant conference and championship plays. You will want to see what their odds exactly are, and make sure they aren't dealing with an injury that could double as a serious setback. But, overall, a tremendous record is evidence of a team that's worth your futures attention.

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How To Win At San Antonio Spurs Betting

Don't hesitate to continue using the San Antonio Spurs as Western Conference and NBA championship plays.

Some people get a little wary knowing that Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are nearing the end, if they haven't gotten there already. But there really isn't anything to worry about.

Yes, the Spurs have a promising team without them, as previously mentioned. But they also have the ability to carve out cap space in one or both of the next two summers. And as they showed when it came to LaMarcus Aldridge, they are absolutely threats to whisk away high end talent.

Any free agent they chase is going to listen, even Kevin Durant. The Spurs have a string of 50-plus win seasons and five NBA championships during the Tim Duncan era to tout. That will get them a meeting with anyone they desire.

And with so many star free agents in their prime hitting the open market over the next two summers, the Spurs will be perfectly positioned to land at least one.

It will take staging some salary dumps—painful ones that could include one or more of Danny Green, Boris Diaw and, less likely, Tony Parker. But they can conjure the cap space necessary to make plays for guys like Kevin Durant, Mike Conley and Nicolas Batum in 2016, and Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook in 2017.

Failing that, the Spurs have a great team of scouts. If they can't maintain their success through free agency, count on them to have successors in waiting for all their aging talent after strong draft showings.

One way or another, they will esnure they're good enough to command your Western Conference and NBA title attention.

In retooling their roster around Kawhi Leonard, most notably with LaMarcus Aldridge, the San Antonio Spurs have reverted to older style offensive sets.

Unlike many of the NBA's other teams, they don't push the pace or shoot a ton of threes anymore. They like to control the ebbs and flow of the game, dominating competition with superior ball movement and post-ups while sapping plenty of time off the shot clock.

This limits the number of possessions either team enjoys as a result. And that, in turn, makes the Spurs an appealing under play.

Or at least it should.

The Spurs are not like most slower teams that take their time because they don't have the necessary quickness, playmaking or spacing to execute any quicker. Their style is by choice, not necessity. And they are so efficient playing this way, that speed doesn't matter. They still score a ton of points.

To be sure, that doesn't make them an over play, either. Their defense is exceptional as well. And that balance means you need to steer yourself away from overs and unders. Focus your time and energy and money on the moneylines and spreads.

Betting on the Spurs at home is an especially good play. No spread is too large when they tip off in San Antonio. Keep that in mind when looking for an alternative to overs and unders for your single game plays.