It has been 10 years since the Sacramento Kings last made the NBA playoffs. That should tell you everything you need to know about their betting potential. They don't have much. They still don't have much. It has been eight years since they even won 35 games in a single season. And though they have tried to get off this unimpressive treadmill, they have failed. And now, it's rebuilding time, officially and finally. The Kings traded franchise cornerstone DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orelans Pelicans. [+]

It was settled: they were going to abandon fruitless pursuits for low-seeded playoff berths and try to build up something bigger and better.

This is encouraging for the future, even if the return for Cousins wasn't ideal, even if the Kings are still the Kings and bound to screw this up in some way. The first step of solving a problem is admitting you have one. The Kings have done just this, even if imperfectly, by hitting reset.

Whatever becomes of them, we won't know for a long time. They are in the very early stages of this rebuild. It will be a while before they are anything more than single-game plays you typically avoid.


Sacramento Kings Betting Lines Today

Digest all betting lines for the Kings' next game. The start times, spreads, moneylines, overs and unders are located below, making it easy for you to begin the betting process. [+]

Compare these odds with those listed at your sportsbook of choice, as they can vary across different websites.

Also get in the habit of checking and rechecking these numbers throughout the day, right up until you place your bets.

The lines don't normally change during the regular season, but just in case there is a noticeable shift for some reason—usually injuries or heavy action on one team—you'll want to make sure you have the most accurate information before submitting your wager at a sportsbook.

The Kings' schedule, including the scores and outcomes of their past matchups, can be found in the below widget. Bettors who like to be prepared in advance will learn to love this tool. [+]

Moving ahead in the schedule simply, yet usefully, lets you research the the matchups well before tipoff. Game lines won't be available for you to use as a measuring stick, but breaking down the play styles, records, injuries and everything else should clue you in on whether to bet spreads, moneylines, overs, unders or some combination of them.

Reviewing the scores of previous games will help you detect those patterns we referenced earlier. Keeping track of the Kings' progress and performaces lets you know where they're most valuable on the betting front.

Do they cover the spread a lot at home? Have they been good road plays? How are they faring as the underdog against double digt spreads? Are they still a good over bet? Has head coach Dave Joerger turned them into under investments? 

Once you spot these trends, you can apply them to every opponent and every game, then watch your winnings start to pile up.

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Sacramento Kings Standings Right Now

Use this look at the Sacramento Kings' current place in the standings to remain up to date with their progress relative to the Western Conference and the rest of the NBA. [+]

If you're a midseason futures bettor, this is for you.

Should the Kings ever become Western Conference or championship plays—unlikely anytime soon—you'll know by seeing how their record compares to those of other known contenders.

If you're into straight playoff bets or win total wagers, you'll know where the Kings stand there by seeing how they stack up with the rest of the West. If they are in the top eight at any given time you know they're a legit playoff play and, most likely, a strong over wager on win totals.

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How To Win At Sacramento Kings Betting

By beginning their latest rebuild, the Sacramento Kings have put sportsbettors in a pickle. Even when they were bad with DeMarcus Cousins, you at least knew what kind of bad they were. They would score a ton of points and play bad defense—they were over plays. Now? We can't be sure.

In the immediate aftermath, there isn't too much that should change. The Kings are still going to be a bad defensive team with a wild-card offense. That puts them in prime over territory. 

Everything else is up in the air, because of how fluid the roster situation will be moving forward. Not only will the Kings be adding a few draft picks, but they figure to trade off some of their veterans for other picks and prospects over the offseasons to come. It's also impossible to predict what type of free agents they'll pursue each year.

Point being: This roster is going to look drastically different each and every year. You will have to roll with the punches, structuring your bets on the fly, based off what identity they assume and who is actually on the roster.

No matter what, though, you want to steer of any futures. The Kings aren't going to be genuine Western Conference Finals or NBA Finals plays for some time. Win-projection bets should be absolute no-no for the next few years as well. There will be no telling how good or bad the roster is, irrespective of who Sacramento adds.

Sportsbooks will set really low over/under marks on those win totals, which is the danger. You won't want to say that the Kings will win less than 20 games, but, at the same time, you cannot guarantee they will be winning more over the next few years.

As some general advice, the best time to bet on the Kings' single-game odds will be at the end of each and every season. That's when lottery-bound squads are most appealing, because they catch other teams off guard with their strong efforts. Where other outfits are tanking or have checked out after clinching a specific playoff spot, factions like the Kings will cut their kiddies loose.

Eager to impress, those youngsters will blitz opponents with speed and relative enthusiasm. So when you see, for instance, that the Kings are 17-point underdogs against the Golden State Warriors sometime in late March or early April, you have the option of throwing money on Sacramento.

That's the extent of the Kings' betting appeal. Your sportsbooks purse should be devoted to other, more established teams. Just be sure to keep track of the Kings' progress—from personnel to the on-court product—so that you know when to change your approach. Again, it should be a while, but it's imperative you remain attentive.