It has been a weird seven years for the Phoenix Suns. They went from making the Western Conference Finals in 2010, to plummeting down the NBA's sportsbetting ladder. And while they have tried squeaking into futures conversations over the past few seasons, they haven't ever really come close. That's a problem all bettors must monitor moving forward. There are no signs that the Suns are on the verge of becoming anything other than single game plays anytime soon. They have aggressively chased talent, and will probably continue to do so. [+]

And they have a few playoff-ready components in Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe, plus Tyson Chandler.

But they are not good enough to compete in the Western Conference—not for real anyway. They have struggled to stay healthy, overpaid Chandler so that they could get on LaMarcus Aldridge's good graces last summer (it didn't work), and they've placed too much stock in a model that worked only temporarily in 2013-14.

There are some young bright spots in Alex Len, T.J. Warren and, most notably, Devin Booker. But Warren has already needed season-ending surgery, and neither of these players will be ready to headline a playoff team in either of the next two seasons.

Now, the Suns could still end up surprising people. They have three first-round picks, including the fourth overall selection, in this year's draft, and a healthy Bledsoe, Booker and Knight has some serious offensive potential.

Their potential to surprise, though, pigeonholes them to single game plays. The futures investments will come later—probably much later.

Phoenix Suns Betting Lines Today

All the necessary information on the bettling lines for the Phoenix Suns' next game can be seen below: start times, moneylines, overs, unders and spreads. [+]

But, as always, be sure to check these odds multiple times in advance of each game.

Lines can change if you don't bet as soon as they're published. It's not a frequent occurrence during the NBA regular season, but player injuries, player returns and excessive action on one particular line can force the odds to shift.

Check this page just before you make your wager, and you'll have the most up to date odds.

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Here's a look at the Phoenix Suns' entire schedule. Not only does it show the upcoming games, but you can scroll back and see the scores of previous contests—a goldmine resource when used correctly. [+]

Outcomes of past games tell you which teams the Suns are best and worst matched up with. They also tell you how they perform under certain circumstances. 

Do they cover spreads at home more often than not. What about when playing on the road? Have they been hitting the over consistently? Have they emerged as a surprise under play? 

Jumping forward in the schedule, to view upcoming tilts, will let you start your research well before tip off. Game lines won't be published too far advance, but you can still dissect rosters, play styles, records, past matchups and everything else. 

When you do all this, you'll be armed with the information necessary to make quick and decisive bets as soon as the lines are made official.

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Phoenix Suns Standings Right Now

This is where you find the Phoenix Suns' place in the standings. That makes this a useful tool for futures bettors. [+]

If you're ever interested in slotting the Suns as Western Conference or NBA title plays, or if you're just in need of seeing whether they're in the playoff race at all, this can tell you.

The Suns won't be a part of the major futures discussion for quite some time, of course. But you'll know when they're legitimate conference and championship investments when their record starts to stack up with other top teams in the West and East.

StandingsPhoenix Suns

How To Win At Phoenix Suns Betting

As you try to balance the Phoenix Suns' rebuilding efforts with your betting impulses, it's imperative to find a reliable angle you can use to judge them—a betting specialty of sorts. And for these Suns, it's the over.

Phoenix has a ton of offensive firepower on its roster. Devin Booker, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight specifically are the lifeblood of a high octane attack that should be able to stroke threes and get out in transition.

The Suns won't always be efficient, but they should pile up the points on most nights. It'll be a different story when they play strong defenses—teams who rank in the top seven of points allowed per 100 possessions or so. But against all other opponents, they are likely to eclipse 100 points regularly.

Additionally, the Suns do not have a good defense. Like, it's not even close to good. Tyson Chandler's days of anchoring even average defenses are over, and while Booker has plenty of potential on that end, he's still too young to make a significant difference.

And anytime you encounter this combination—a team that scores a bunch but cannot stop other teams from scoring a bunch—the over is always a good decision.


Sportsbooks will adjust their lines to account for this discrepancy, and you'll want to wait at least a few games into the regular season to make sure that Phoenix's defense isn't demonstrably better than expected. But, overall, the Suns should remain strong over plays moving forward.

To be really successful while betting on the Phoenix Suns, do the exact opposite—bet against them.

When there are games in which they are the heavy underdogs, use them as moneyline plays that are parts of a bigger parlay. By betting against them in these situations, you'll ensure yourself, typically, of one win, giving you a better shot of hitting on the entire bet.

This doesn't work the other way around. If the Suns are heavily favored on the moneyline numbers, you shouldn't bet in favor of them without thinking about the specifics.

Given how young this team is, it has not earned the benefit of the doubt. You'll come to realize this pretty early on, as you won't find many nights when they're the heavy moneyline favorites anyway.

If you're looking for another solid type of bet, try experimenting with their spread numbers when they play really bad defenses

The Suns should, again, field a farely decent offense. So if they're playing a team that gives up a ton of points, not only are they more likely to keep things close, but they're more likely to win outright.

This shouldn't be viewed as cause to roll with them on the moneyline, especially if they're decided underdogs. Once more, that's too risky.

But if using the Suns as only fractions of a parlay doesn't cut it for you, banking on them to cover the spread against really bad defenses is a route worth exploring. You can even try monitoring their first few performances of the season against such teams, just so you know this isn't fool's gold. 

Follow this advice, though, and you should be able to make money off the Suns' almost unprecitable growing pains one way or another.