The Oklahoma City Thunder have been among the most reliable betting plays in the NBA for years now. When healthy, their trio of Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and Russell Westbrook is basically unrivaled. They are perennial Western Conference and NBA champioship contenders, and they should continue to be treated as such at the sportsbooks until something happens that tells us otherwise. That something of course is Durant's free agency. [+]

He will be an unrestricted free agent in the upcoming offseason, and if he leaves, the Thunder will barely be straight postseason options, let alone legitimate conference and championship wagers.

Most insiders don't expect him to leave Oklahoma City, though. Not now anyway. The Thunder just beat a historically great team in the San Antonio Spurs and nearly parlayed that victory into a series win over the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Though they came up short, there aren't many other teams with which Durant can sign that will give him a chance at beating the Warriors or Spurs in the years to come and contending for an NBA title. 

For you, the bettor, this means you can still invest heavily in the Thunder's big picture futures ahead of next season. They aren't poised for any real roster shakeups. 

If you would rather wait for Durant to make his decision, that's fine. It's the safe play. But if the sportsbooks are laying out favorable odds, you can feel fairly comfortable in rolling the dice immediately, as opposed to waiting.

Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Lines Today

Check out the betting lines for the Oklahoma City Thunder's next game here. You'll find all the tipoff times, spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. [+]

Always make sure you're visiting this page a few times before you place your actual bet. Lines can change after they're published. It doesn't happen much during the NBA's regular season, but injuries and player returns can impact the odds, so it's better ot be safe than surprise—or even sorry.

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Oklahoma City Thunder
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Below you'll find a look at the Thunder's schedule, including the scores of their past games. Bettors who wish to plan ahead will want to make this page a part of their research routine. [+]

Viewing previous performances will show you which types of opponents they struggle and thrive against.

Examples include: How do the Thunder fare against teams above .500? What about those below .500? Do they cover the spread a lot at home? How about on the road? Have they emerged as better over or under plays? What's their record against Western Conference units? And how are they playing versus Eastern Conference factions?

Answer those questions, among others, and you'll have intelligble insight into how to bet on certain games and different types of situations.

Skipping ahead in the schedule, to take a look at upcoming opponents, simply lets you study the matchups in advance. You won't have the official game lines off which to work, but you can still compare the rosters, play styles, records and any other pertinent information.

Once the odds are released, then, you'll immediately know which play is the right one for you.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Standings Right Now

This is where the Oklahoma City Thunder sit in the standings right now. All futures bettors should grow to love this page. [+]

Records don't help too much for single game plays unless you're betting simple futures. But if you want to know whether the Thunder are still genuine conference and championship threats, just check to see where they are in the standings.

If they rank among the best teams in both the Western Conference and league in general, you know to view them as such at the futures pages of sportsbooks.

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How To Win At Oklahoma City Thunder Betting

While you should be able to bet freely on the Oklahoma City Thunder's futures now, this is not a license to view them as longstanding powerhouses.

Yes, they have earned that status over the years. But the times could be changing, even if Kevin Durant doesn't leave this summer.

For starters, most people expect him to sign a two-year deal with a player option that will allow him to re-explore free agency in 2017. And that only gives the Thunder a one year safety net.

Additionally, both Serge Ibaka and Russell Westbrook can become free agents in 2017 as well. There's no telling if all three, or even any of them, will return. It all depends on how the 2016-17 campaign unfolds.

And that makes following along infinitely important. You're not just planning for forthcoming bets, be they future or single game plays. You are trying to figure out whether the Thunder can remain in your gambling arsenal beyond next season, for yet another half-decade or so.

If the heart of this core stays intact, you have the green light to stay aggressive. If they don't, if the nucleus gets rattled in any way, it's time to pull back. 

Keep all this mind as you bet on them now. It will go a long way in helping you prepare for their future, whatever it holds.

Get out in front of betting on the Oklahoma City Thunder's futures this year. And make no mistake, we mean just this year.

Even though Kevin Durant isn't expected to leave, sportsbooks should be fairly generous with their projections, painting the Thunder as more distant long shots than usual, if only to account for the possibility, however unlikely, that he actually does leave.

Oklahoma City's Western Conference and championship odds with be otherwise unimpressive. The Thunder just made the Western Conference Finals and, when healthy, have been one of the best teams in the NBA for a while. The dominance of the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors will diminish their chances at big time futures accordingly, but not by much.

This summer, then, presents a unique opportunity if you pounce on the odds early. There is always the potential for Durant to leave, in which case your Western Conference and championship plays will go bust.

But the likelihood of that happening isn't strong. And if you wait until he definitiely re-signs, for however long it may be, the returns on all their futures will be lackluster to say the least.

Also consider using the Thunder as recurrent over plays. They will have a terrific offense even if Durant leaves, and their defense over the last few seasons has been mostly middling. That makes for extremely high scoring affairs.

Though you won't want to go this route every game, the Thunder are must plays on the over whenever they face a team with a cruddy defense.