Injuries bilked the Memphis Grizzlies of a chance to continue their cycle of 50 win seasons and consecutive playoff berths last year. Next season, however, assuming they retain Mike Conley and Marc Gasol is healthy, they should be back to their old Western Conference ways. Sportsbettors are tasked with figuring out whether or not that's a good thing. On the surface, it is a good thing. Why wouldn't you want to amass 50 wins like clockwork, contend for a top five playoff spot and remain one of the most consistent under plays in NBA history? [+]

But while that's all fine and good, the Grizzlies' predictability works against them on just about every other level.

Even if they keep this core intact, healthy and all, their run of 50 win seasons might be over. And though they, at full strength, will still make the playoffs, they don't have upset potential written all over them anymore.

The NBA, after all, is going in the completely opposite direction. Teams space the floor, shoot threes and play with pace. The Grizzlies don't do that, nor are they built to disrupt other squads that do on the defensive end.

That may be their undoing. They need athletic wings to help them switch up their lineups from time to time, so they're not running with two traditional bigs at every stage of every game.

If they do this, they instantly return to being high end over plays on win totals and dice roll dark horses for the Western Conference and NBA championships.

Memphis Grizzlies Betting Lines Today

All the necessary betting lines for the Memphis Grizzlies' next game are right here: the moneylines, spreads, overs, unders, etc. Make this page a part of your daily betting routine. [+]

Also make sure that you're checking and rechecking the odds until you place your bet. The lines can move from their opening point. It's not common during the regular season, but it does happen.

And in the event it does, you'll want to know before visiting your sportsbook(s).

Take stock of the Memphis Grizzlies' entire schedule, complete with the scores of past games, right here. This glance is of the utmost importance to those bettors who like to plot out wagers in advance.

Future games won't have lines likely until the day of, but you don't need them. Compare and contrast the rosters, play styles, records, etc. of each forthcoming Grizzlies matchup. Do this, and you'll have a solid idea of which bet to make and which side to pick once the official odds are released.

Looking back in the schedule, meanwhile, lets you find out how the Grizzlies are playing against certain types of opponents and under different kinds of circumstances.

Are they better over or under investments? Are they dominant against the spread at home? What happens when they are on the road? Have they destroyed teams who are under .500? What about squads over .500? 

Find the answers to these questions, among others, throughout the season, and you'll be able to assemble a profitable Grizzlies betting blueprint.

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Memphis Grizzlies Standings Right Now

Capitalize on this look at the Memphis Grizzlies' current place in the standings. You need them to see if this team is worth your money when betting bigger futures.

If the Grizzlies' record adequately matches up with those of other Western Conference contenders, you instantly know that they are worth investments as conference contenders and championship seekers. 

Records are fluid through the regular season, of course, so you can montior Memphis' progress and see if their status changes throughout the year. Once you get 20 or more games into the season, though, the Grizzlies will be who they will be.

And if they haven't revealed themselves to be worthy of futures by then, it's best to stay away indefinitely.

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How To Win At Memphis Grizzlies Betting

Even though the Memphis Grizzlies need to noticeably change their dynamic to be more than single game and low end futures plays, their NBA livelihood is firmly tethered to the return of Mike Conley.

The point guard will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, and while he plays the league's deepest position, he will still have plenty of teams willing to pay him a ton of money—max contract money. It's not entirely clear if the Grizzlies are willing to invest that much in him.

Chanes are, they will throw him a max deal. Their offense cannot survive without him. Conley has never piloted a top 10 attack overall, but that's more about the Grizzlies' offensive structure than his level of play. They like to run their sets through big men, most notably Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, which diminishes the impact he can have on the offense. 

Plus, when Conley is on the floor, the Grizzlies do typically score like a top 10 machine. That production just isn't sustainable when he sits down.

Tossing max money to someone who has never been an All-Star still isn't deal. But Conley's cap hold will be manageable until he signs his new contract.

Here's what this means: If the Grizzlies part ways with Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson, Chris Andersen and Vince Carter, they will have the ability to carve out max money, spend that money, then go over the salary cap to re-sign Conley.


That space, assuming Memphis opens it, can be used on trying to reel in another star or be divvyied up among a few high end role players. And if the Grizzlies do this, while keeping Conely, you'll have the green light to view them as strong Western Conference and NBA championship plays, albeit with the caveat that everyone in the west will be secondary futures contenders to the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.

As you spend time trying to figure out if the Memphis Grizzlies' Western Conference and NBA championship odds are worth your action, consider using them at go to under plays.

Even if Mike Conley leaves, the Grizzlies have all the tools to sustain their defense from 2014-15. They dropped off in 2015-16, but that was due to injuries and protracted player absences more than anything else.

Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen are enough on their own to anchor a top 10 or 12 points prevention machine. Some of the best offenses won't even be able to hang a ton of points on them. Plus, because the Grizzlies don't play with much pace, they drive down total scores by default, curbing the number of possessions both they and their opponent enjoy.

This approach becomes infinitely more attractive if Conley, as expected, sticks around. He is an underrated defender at his position, considering how often he's tasked with going up against top point guards and shooting guards. And if he makes life difficult on some of the game's most dangerous players, the combined scores of Memphis and its foes will dip even further.

Should the Grizzlies' defense start to bend, or perhaps break, early on the season, feel free to take a sabbatical on the under front. But for now, barring a complete takedown of the current roster, expect them to be the team they've been for more than a half-decade: strong under plays no matter the lines, opponent or game stakes.