Though it feels like a long time ago that the Los Angeles Lakers were everything plays at the sportsbooks, they really aren't that far removed from such gambling prominence and promise. They won their last title in 2010 and have only missed the playoffs during each of the last four seasons. Yet, during that time, their stock in the sportsbetting world has most definitely plumetted—to the point that it's difficult to tell when they'll be back in play.  [+]

The Lakers are religiously committed to rebuilding. And it's about time. They canned Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak in favor of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, and head coach Luke Walton has emphasized playing the kiddos over the highest-paid veterans.

That's an encouraging sign after watching the Lakers place so much stock in wooing star free agents. That aspect of their approach isn't gone, but they're no longer as reliant on it as they were previously. 

D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, Ivica Zubac and Brandon Ingram give them a nice young core with which to plow on. It'll be a while before any of them become a star, assuming they even get there. But the Lakers make life a little easier on sportsbettors by assuming a clear-cut identity that, while unfinished, can still be profitable.

LA Lakers Betting Lines Today

These are all the betting lines for the Los Angeles Lakers' next game. Review the spreads, overs, unders and moneylines to see which type of bet works best for you. Compare these numbers against those listed at where you plan to place your bets. Game lines can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. The variance is usually tiny, but it's a good idea to check anyway. [+]

It's good gambling practice to revisit this page right up until you're actually ready to submit your wager. Game lines don't usually change during the NBA regular season, but they can.

If you're waiting on a player's injury status or the sportsbook takes a lot of action on one team, the odds will move throughout the day. Checking them again, at the 11th hour, ensures you'll never be surprised at the sportsbooks.

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Anyone who likes to plan ahead on their bets will love using this overview of the Los Angeles Lakers' entire schedule. It lists both forthcoming games and the scores of past contests. [+]

Running through the Lakers' previous scores will help you spot any patterns in how they are playing.

Think along the lines of: Are they covering spreads at home? Do they get obliterated against spreads on the road? Have they been a better over or under venture? Are they beating teams over .500? How about squads under .500? Does their performance against the spread and over/under improve against good offensive units? What about when facing top notch defensive factions?

Answer these questions, and the information you glean can be applied to every single game bet you ever make from there on for the rest of the season.

Leaping ahead in the schedule just lets you start the necessary research early. The official game lines won't be listed days and weeks in advance, but you can still dissect play styles, roster makeups, records and injury reports.

Doing that research will help you decide how to bet before the actual odds are even published.

Results / FixturesL.A. Lakers

LA Lakers Standings Right Now

Midseason futures bettors should fall in love with the information that can be extracted from viewing the Los Angeles Lakers' current place in the standings. [+]

Put simply, this tells you whether they are future players. And if they are, it also tells you what kind of futures to invest in.

For example, if the Lakers are on the fringes of the Western Conference playoff picture, you know to consider them straight postseason bets or over candidates in the win department. And if, by some miracle, their record holds up to the performances of surefire conference and championship contenders, you know to give some additional consideration to those futures as well.

Look at the odds of those futures before making any final decisions. The return may not be worth your time. But these records tell you whether it's worth that subsequent research in the first place, which is a big deal.

StandingsL.A. Lakers

How to Win At Los Angeles Lakers Betting

Like many rebuilding squads, the Los Angeles Lakers are best served as over bets. 

Their defense is less than a work-in-progress. It's just plain bad. They don't defend well in transition, and some of their most promising stoppers are too young to really make an impact.

On top of that, coach Luke Walton has the Lakers playing at a fast pace, and he only wants them to get even faster. Even if the boys in purple and gold aren't scoring at an efficient clip, they're going to generate enough possessions to drum up the final score. 

It helps even more that the Lakers are, from time to time, efficient on the more glamorous end. D'Angelo Russell is playing a lot better, for the most part, since the team traded Lou Williams, and Los Angeles manufactures enough spacing to get high-percentage shot opportunities.

Blend this all together, and you have a strong, years-long recipe for the over.

Unfortunately, you don't have much more than that.

Bettors need to be in wait-and-see mode with the Lakers. You want to see whether they add a star in free agency or via trade, or whether one of their many prospects turns into a star himself. It's a star the Lakers are lacking most. Once they get one, they'll become more established everyday and big-picture options.

For the time being, consider their futures off limits. This includes win projections, in addition conference and NBA Finals odds. The championship front is a straight waste of money. It'll be years before the Lakers are relevant to that degree again. You don't want to throw away cash on a bet that has no chance of hitting just because sportsbooks are offering lucrative odds. 

Even if the Lakers, for some reason, experience a quick turnaround, you must not forget about the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors. They are the championship standard. Every team you bet on must be measured against them. So once the Lakers get good, you need to figure out how good. If they aren't sniffing the Spurs or Warriors' win totals, you use them as single-game wagers and nothing more.