The Los Angeles Clippers are still alive and kicking on the sportsbetting front. Though they have failed to get out of the second round of the Western Conference playoffs since Chris Paul arrived, they have routinely ranked among the best teams in the NBA. And nothing is slated to change ahead of their next season. Until further notice, the Clippers remain a team worthy of pegging as conference and championship contenders. Their Big Three of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan has plenty of prime years left in the tank. [+]

Head coach and president Doc Rivers is finally starting to do a better job of fleshing out the roster around them.

If not for a pair of injuries to Griffin and Paul in the first round of the NBA's most recent playoffs, in fact, the Clippers wouldn't have been bounced in the first round. But that's been the story of their time together.

Injuries have bilked them of a chance at a legitimate title push—not to the extent that they've harmed the Oklahoma City Thunder, but untimely bumps and bruises to Griffin and Paul have limited the Clippers' hypothetical championship clout. Well that, and the 3-1 series lead they blew against the Houston Rockets in the second round of the playoffs in 2015.

Regardless, as long as the Clippers are healthy, they remain everything plays.

Smart bettors will make them a part of their daily rotation, in adition to using them as divisional, conference and championship wagers. Their odds on the conference and championship front will pale in comparison to those of the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, but that's kind of the point.

The Clippers are long shots, but realistic long shots. And when combined with a healthy dose of single game betting, they can make you serious cash as one of the NBA's most dependable wagers at the sportsbook.

LA Clippers Betting Lines Today

Take a look at the Los Angeles Clippers' betting lines for their next game right here. Spreads, moneylines, overs, unders, start times—all the information you need is below. [+]

Just be sure to revisit this page before placing your actual bet. Game lines don't change a whole lot in the NBA during the regular season, but it does happen. And it's better that you spot any tweaks before you get over to your sportsbook.

Here's your look at the Los Angeles Clippers' entire schedule. This is where you can also find the scores of their past games. [+]

Use these previous scores to craft future bets. Look at how the Clippers have fared against the spread on the road versus when they play at home. Check out their record against teams above .500 compared to those below .500. Figure out whether they have hit the over or under more. 

Looking to past performances gives you an idea on how to bet for the Clippers moving forward. It allows you to spot sustainable trends, and then apply those findings to your wagers based on the opponent, venue, circumstances, etc.

You can also scroll ahead in the schedule to take stock of certain matchups in advance. Though you won't have official game lines to research around, comparing the rosters, play styles and records, among other things, will leave you better prepared once the odds are actually released.

Results / FixturesL.A. Clippers

LA Clippers Standings Right Now

This is the most up to date look at the Los Angeles Clippers' spot in the standings. This is an especially useful tool if you're looking to dabble in midseason futures. [+]

Look at the Clippers' record, then compare it to those of known powerhouses in both the Eastern Conference and Western Conference. If theirs holds up to those breakdowns, you'll know they're in play for a conference title and NBA championship.

From there, you'll then know to go over their odds at sportsbooks and decide whether they're worth your action.

StandingsL.A. Clippers

How To Win At LA Clippers Betting

If anything could derail the Los Angeles Clippers from remaining strong everything plays without even thinking, it's the future of Blake Griffin.

The playmaking forward is a top-15 superstar. That's not up for debate. The Clippers are not worse when he's on the court, and there's no sense trying to talk yourself into believing otherwise.

But Doc Rivers' crew did prove it could survive without him for most of 2015-16. They thrived on a steady diet of pick-and-rolls and drive-and-kicks, as they surrounded center DeAndre Jordan with four shooters. That model is more conducive to today's NBA, and the Clippers' offense improved accordingly.

That led to rumors at the trade deadline—chatter that claimed Doc Rivers was considering the prospect of dealing his All-Star forward. 

The idea sounds ludicrous on the surface. Griffin is a superstar in his prime, and while he doesn't shoot a ton of threes, he is able to create space with a much-improved mid-range jumper, and his superior handles. Plus, with the way he honed his mid-range jumper, there's hope he can eventually become a reliable three-point marksman.

But the temptation to turn him into a few high-end role players looms large. Many of the Clippers' supporting cast members will hit free agency themselves this summer, and it will be too expensive to keep them all. If Rivers can turn Griffin's salary into two, three or more rotation players, the Clippers will be deeper, and perhaps better off.

Except that won't happen right away. At least, you shouldn't bank on it happening right away. Monitor the Clippers' offseason rumor mill. If it sounds like they'll trade Griffin, or if they actually deal him, avoid all futures until midway through the season, when you know what the new-look Clippers are truly worth.

Don't marry yourself to any one over or under trend when betting on the Los Angeles Clippers. That's the biggest key to making money off this roster, as it's currently constituted.

This advice is a testament to the Clippers' balance. DeAndre Jordan has developed into a genuine defensive anchor, adding a new layer to the team's dynamic. 

Los Angeles is now one of the most dangerous two way squads in the league, a group capable of finishing in the top 10 of offensive and defensive efficiency. That means the Clippers will pump in a ton of points while allowing very few. And that, in turn, means they are extreme wild cards on overs and unders, as their games can do either way.

It can be frustrating, but you have other options. The Clippers are still strong spread options. They are also good candidates to fill out parlays if you're betting moneylines. 

When healthy, this core doesn't tend to play down to the level of its opponent. So you can typically bet the moneyline on a game in which the Clippers are heavily favored, add it to your parlay at the time and know you're getting at least one guaranteed victory.

Finally, the Clippers' balance is further evidence of their championship mettle. If they do rank inside the top 10 of both offensive and defensive efficiency and you haven't yet invested in their conference and championship futures, you'll want to get on that train before it leaves the station.