It is a confusing time to be betting on the Houston Rockets. They went from one of the NBA's most promising situations in 2014-15, as a Western Conference finalist, to almost missing the playoffs altogether in 2015-16. And then 2016-17 comes along, with Mike D'Antoni being signed as head coach, and the Rockets are one of the five best teams in the NBA. Confusing much? Fortunately, the Rockets are carving out some consistency in the post-Dwight Howard era. [+]

James Harden is playing the best basketball of his career, and Houston is putting a ton of points and wins on the board by surrounding him with role players who perfectly complement his style.

Indeed, the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs remain the NBA's foremost Western Conference contenders. But the Rockets, quite shockingly, are right there with them.

Houston Rockets Betting Lines Today

All the betting lines for the Rockets' next game can be found below. Take a look at the overs, unders, moneylines and spreads, and see if you have an inclination to bet one way or another. [+]

If you're not someone who hits the sportsbooks early on in the day, you'll want to visit this page more than once, just to make sure the numbers haven't moved. It's rare in the NBA, especially during the regular season, but it does happen.

In general, you should always be cross-checking odds you see here with those listed on your most used sportsbook. Game lines vary from website to website. The blips are usually minor, if entirely inconsequential, but they do exist.

Revisiting this page as many times as necessary, right up until you place your bet, defends you against any unwanted surprises.

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You will be able to view the Houston Rockets' entire schedule, including the scores and outcomes of their past games, right here. Do not underestimate the value of this overview. [+]

Analyzing the Rockets' past outings gives you insight into how you should bet on future games by allowing you to spot trends.

Examples include: Are the Rockets a better over or under team? How often do they cover the spread at home? What about when they're on the road? How do they fare when they're the favorites of a double digit spread? What about when they are the underdogs of a double digit spread? What is their record when facing teams above .500? How about when they square off against teams below .500?

Answering questions such as those will help you piece together a betting blueprint that can be applied to every type of situation—every game, every opponent, every spread, every over/under.

Digging into future matchups, meanwhile, is just good betting form. You don't need offical game lines to see how the Rockets stack up against an upcoming opponent.

Study the rosters, play styles, records, injury reports and any past meetings between the two teams, and you'll arm yourself with all the background necessary to make a swift and profitable decision once game lines are made public.

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Houston Rockets Standings Right Now

This look at the Houston Rockets current place in the standings is necessary viewing for all midseason futures bettors. [+]

Those planning to wager on Houston's midseason win totals can use it to keep track of the team's progress. Those hoping to use the Rockets as Western Conference and NBA title plays, however, need to use this to see whether their record holds up against any known contenders.

If you see that the Rockets are in any way, shape or form keeping pace with perennial threats like the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, you'll know you're onto something. If not, you'll know to steer clear of the Rockets' conference and championship odds at the sportsbooks.

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How To Win At Houston Rockets Betting

So while betting on the Houston Rockets has become a little confusing because of how blindingly bright their immediate future suddenly looks, it's not impossible. To the contrary, as far as bizarre situations go, this one is quite palatable.

The Rockets have an identity. They run the floor and shoot a ton of threes—more threes than any other team throughout the course of NBA history, in fact. This makes them good over plays by default.

Sportsbooks are constantly driving up their lines to try and account for these scoring blitzes. And you will want to be wary of placing bets when the Rockets play a team that is schooled in the art of deterring teams from throwing up three-pointers. But, by and large, it's tough to keep up with the Rockets' offensive totals without generating over/under numbers so ridiculous that bettors automatically flock to the under.

The Rockets' status as solid over bets is further strengthened by a blase defense. They aren't terrible on the less glamorous end. If you ranked every team by defensive appeal and statistics, they would fall squarely in the middle. That's a good place to be when your offense is this good and you want to contend for a title. But it also drives your over appeal through the roof.

Win-projection bets for the Rockets will be interesting moving forward. It's not clear whether that's a good or bad thing. Chances are sportsbooks will expect them to win 55-plus games from here on out, so you'll have to do your research on who they added during the offseason versus what other teams did before making your decision. We don't recommend betting on win totals when the team is this good, though. They reach a certain point and it becomes more trouble than it's worth.

Do, however, view the Rockets as one of the most serious championship plays. They aren't on the same level as the Golden State Warriors quite yet, but you can make the case that they are already as good as or better than the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers

That's a huge deal. And while the Rockets must prove their most recent rise is sustainable, you should consider them potentially profitable Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals dark horses until they give you another reason not to.