If you have spent any time betting in NBA circles over the last two years, you're familiar with the Golden State Warriors. They have reinvented the way we view jump shooting teams and just recently set the record for the most reguar season wins in NBA history. They have one of the most talented cores ever, and they won't be falling off the map anytime soon—not after signing Kevin Durant. This nucleus has many more years left of high level play together. You can bet on them with confidence, barring any substantial injury, in just about every way. [+]

Should the odds on futures get too ridiculous, where the return really isn't worth any sort of investment, that's when you should stick to single game plays. It sounds ridiculous, and it kind of is, but there's no use risking a ton of money to win a little, even if that risk isn't considered dangerous at all.

Golden State Warriors Betting Lines Today

All the information on the betting lines for the Golden State Warriors' next game is in this section. Spreads, moneylines, overs, unders, start times—everything. [+]

Get in the routine of checking these lines against what's listed at your sportsbooks, as the odds can differ depending on where you place your bets. The discrepancies are small, but not unimportant.

If you don't place your bet as soon as the game lines come out, return here throughout the day to make sure the odds aren't shifting. It's unlikely to happen for single games during the NBA's regular season, but if a big time player is unable to play or sportsbooks are accepting too much action on one side, the numbers can move. 

Checking back here right up until you're ready to submit your wager is a good way to avoid any sort of surprises.

Use this page to view the Golden State Warriors' entire schedule, including the scores of their previous games. This widget is good for basic information, such as game locations and start times, but it's also useful for those looking to amass more information on betting patterns. [+]

Previous games will show you in which situations the Warriors struggle or thrive. For example: Are they covering the over or the under more this season? Have they done a good job of covering spreads, however big or small, at home? What about on the road? Are there any opponents, strong offensive teams or great defensive units, they struggle against?

This information can be collected and studied, then used to create a blueprint that's applied to every game on which you decide to bet.

Skipping ahead in the schedule, meanwhile, is a good way to hammer out certain matchups. Even though you won't have game lines to work with, you can still gauage the climate of the competition by seeing how the Warriors' record, roster and play style stacks up to those of every upcoming opponent.

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Golden State Warriors Standings Right Now

Find out where the Golden State Warriors are in the standings by looking below. Though the records don't really mean much for single game bets—unless, of course, you're betting moneylines—they can be telltale tools for midseason futures. [+]

If the Warriors sit near the top of the Western Conference and sustain one of the NBA's best records, it's worth doing further research on their conference and championship clout. See what their odds are at the sportsbooks, then look into how they are playing and whether they have improved or regressed compared to last year.

By the end of this process, you'll know just what futures, if any, to pick for the Warriors.

StandingsGolden State Warriors

How To Win At Golden State Warriors Betting

Betting on the Golden State Warriors is simple: just do it, and you're set.

To be clear, the Warriors haven't been spread-covering juggernauts since signing Kevin Durant. They have had their off nights. Stephen Curry goes through slumps. It happens.

But they remain the most dominant team in the NBA, head and shoulders above fringe contenders like the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets, and noticeably in front of perceived peers like the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs.

Spread bets remain intuitive. When the Warriors are single-digit favorites, they're almost always no-brainers, unless they're on the road against a fellow top-five team. Double-digit spreads deserve more attention.

Even though the Warriors are one of the most balanced teams in the league, pairing stingy defense with explosive offense, they remain good over plays. Though their defense is efficient, it doesn't matter as much to the final score. They're playing so fast, manufacturing so many possessions and shooting so many threes, their ultimate tallies, plus that of their opponent, are always going to be inflated. 

With four All-NBA talents on the roster, you'll have a real opportunity to make money whenever any one or two of them sits out. If, for instance, Steve Kerr decides to give both Curry and Durant a rest night, don't let that deter you from wagering on the Warriors. They will still have Draymond Green and Klay Thompson—they will still have the talent level of a playoff team. Sportsbooks will taper their spreads accordingly, and you should be able to capitalize on these blips.

Finally, and most importantly, never be fooled by ruts. People will question the Warriors every season after they lose a couple games, or when they suffer a key injury. Don't feed into it. The regular season almost doesn't matter. They are the heavy favorites to win the title, even more so than the Cavaliers, whom they lost to in the NBA Finals in 2016.

Concern is only appropriate if they go into the playoffs without Durant or Curry. That's the biggie. But if they have both, forget about it. They bordered on unguardable before. Still, we saw what happened when the defense took Curry out of the equation or he went through shooting slumps; the offense got bogged down, and Golden State didn't look like itself.

Durant changes all that, neutralizing the ill-effects of any Curry bumps. He gives them another impossibly good half-court playmaker, rendering them unstoppable even when they're displaced from their comfort zone.

For the foreseeable future, the road to the NBA Finals and the Larry O'Brien Trophy is going to run through these Warriors. Someone has to beat them four times in seven tries. Use them at your championships favorites, while also remembering to view almost everyone else as dark-horse bets, since that's how far the Warriors, by and large, remain ahead of the field.