Over the last few years, the Denver Nuggets have been interesting betting plays...too interesting. They went from being a perennial Western Conference contender with Carmelo Anthony, to a borderline contender in the wake of his departure, to a full on rebuilding squad after abruptly showing head coach George Karl the door. They are still in the early stages of that rebuild but continue to show more promise on the betting front than most other teams in their position. Depth remains a trademark of the post-Melo Nuggets. [+]

They have a ton of talent at every position, even if it's not polished. Point guard is probably their shallowest position at this stage. Emmanuel Mudiay just wrapped up his rookie campaign and has a long way to go before he's a finished product. His jumper is broken, his decision-making raw, his defese inconsistent.

But with so much talent on the wings in guys like Danilo Gallinari, Will Barton, Wilson Chandler and Gary Harris, among others, the Nuggets, when healthy are going to win some games. 

Add in their three first round picks in this year's draft, and Denver also seems to have struck the necessary balance between competing and rebuilding.

That doesn't render the Nuggets strong futures gambles. Their Western Conference and NBA title odds, while lucrative, aren't worth your cash. But you can make some money using them as win total overs, and perhaps even as straight bets to make the Western Conference playoffs.

Denver Nuggets Betting Lines Today

Here's a look at the Denver Nuggets betting lines for their next game. All the necessary start times, overs, unders, monelyines and spreads will be published as soon as they are available. [+]

Generally speaking, the good thing about NBA regular-season game lines is that they don't change often after becoming official. But injuries, sudden trades and unexpectedly heavy action on a certain team, among other things, can cause them to be tweaked.

Thus, it's a good idea to recheck this page a few times right up until you place your bet at the sportsbook.

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Denver Nuggets

Check out the Nuggets' schedule right here. It shows you both their upcoming games and the scores of their previous outings—both of which are useful tools for you, the sportsbettor. [+]

Sifting through their forthcoming games better prepares you for your sportsbook decisions. You won't, in all likelihood, have concrete game lines with which to work, but you can still take stock of the rosters, play styles, records, recent wining and losing streaks, injuries, etc.

Familiarizing yourself with all that information transcends actual game odds. By studying the matchup to that degree, you'll know how to bet once the lines are published.

Going through the Nuggets previous performances is just a great way of preparing yourself for the next bet.

Document whether they are covering the spread at home and on the road. See how they play against good offenses. Find out how they do when facing strong defenses. Have they been better over or under plays? 

All of this information, among much more, helps you establish a trend that can be applied to every single game bet.

Results / FixturesDenver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets Standings Right Now

Returning to this look at the Denver Nuggets' place in the standings is a great tool for all midseason futures bettors. [+]

It doesn't matter which type of gamble you're looking to make, either. This helps with everything.

Keep track of the Nuggets' wins and losses, and you'll know how to bet the over/under on their victory totals. You'll also know if they're legitimate Western Conference or championship plays just by pitting their record against those of obvious contenders in both departments.

And if you're making a straight "The Nuggets will or will not make the postseason" bet with a particuarly site, this can help, too. It shows you how far inside or outside the Western Conference playoff picture Denver actually sits.

StandingsDenver Nuggets

How To Win At Denver Nuggets Betting

Any Denver Nuggets futures betting should be done during the season right now. It's an odd approach, since the odds are best over the summer. But the Nuggets are too much of a mystery.

At the most basic level, looking at their roster, you should use them only as win total bets. But in order to get a hold on the over or under of their projected victories, you first need to see how healthy they are.

Jusuf Nurkic, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler were all injured for parts—or, in Chandler's case, all—of the 2015-16 season. If they are all back and healthy in 2016-17, playing at their usual level, the Nuggets' ceiling for wins is that much higher.

You'll also want to see how players like Will Barton, Gary Harris Nikola Jokic, Joffrey Lauvergne and Emmanuel Mudiay progress. Every step forward they take adds wins to Denver's bottom line. 

Paying attention to their draft is important as well. If they obtain even one player who stands to make an impact now, as a rookie, their position in the NBA standings will increase.


All of this must be factored into their win totals. Should they hit on even just a few of these fronts, they will be phenomal over plays in the win department. But you need to give them time, roughly 15 to 20 games or so, before knowing how much, a lot or a little, you should place on those needs.

The best way to win money while betting on the Denver Nuggets is too keep an open mind.

This situation is fluid. The Nuggets could be bound for another lottery appearance, they could snag a low level playoff berth, they could emerge as a strong Western Conference and NBA title play on a whim.

The latter scenario is, for now, admittedly unlikely.

Denver has a ton of young pieces that it seems more inclined to grow, and both conference and championship futures only become realistic plays if the front office acquires a star. Yet, while farfetched, this scenario cannot be entirely ruled out.

Not only could the Nuggets decide to try consolidating some of their picks and prospects into a superstar on the trade market, but they have the cap space necessary to pay high profile players. And that's without even touching the roster.

Denver, of course, has never been a hot free agent destination. But this team has one of the game's most promising balancing acts.

So, should the Nuggets decide to enter the free agency fray wielding the full extent of their spending power, they are absolutely threats to sign a star. And if they grab a star, either by trade or free agency, it's instantly time to view them as viable long shot odds on the Western Conference and NBA title fronts.

Any bets made under these circumstances should be modest, as the Nuggets will be noticeable underdogs. But they will be solid flyer bets nonetheless.