Ever since they won the NBA title in 2011, the Dallas Mavericks have been a tough betting play for all sports gamblers. They are never bad, making them solid single game wagers, but they keep vacillating in and out of the the fringes of the championship discussion, rendering them wild card futures plays. And this side of the 2015-16 season, nothing has really changed for them. Head coach Rick Carlisle is among the best sideline stalkers in the business, so the offense will always be relevant. [+]

He runs a ton of pick-and-rolls, and his spacing schemes ensure he extracts the most possible production out of his point guards.

Dirk Nowitzki is basically ageless for the Mavericks, which helps even more. He is still an efficient scorer, and he spaces the floor plenty at either the 4 and 5 position.

Throw in Chandler Parsons (unrestricted free agent) and Wesley Matthews, and the Mavericks do have the perimeter talent to be strong over bets—doubly so because their defense is so blah. They don't have enough rim protection in the middle, a deficit that has haunted them since they first cut bait with Tyson Chandler in 2011.

Dallas isn't anything more than that at the moment, though. The Western Conference, for all its mounting faults outside the top four, is still too good. The Mavericks do not have enough contender clout, and unless that changes relatively soon, you'll want to pass on just about every futures bet imaginable.

Playing overs and unders on win totals is still fine. But keep in mind that, in the grand scheme of things, Dirk Nowitzki will have to retire at some point.

So you not only need the Mavericks to upgrade the roster immediatley, but you need them to show that they have a core worth betting on after their franchise cornerstone walks away.

Dallas Mavericks Betting Lines Today

Here's a look at all the betting lines for the Dallas Mavericks' next game. Overs, unders, moneylines, spreads, start times—anything you need can be found right here. [+]

Remember to circle back to this page right up until you place your bet. Lines don't often move on single games during the regular season. That's more of a playoff concern. But it does happen.

Double checking the odds multiple times before you actually hit the sportsbooks will keep you apprised of any changes, however unlikely they seem. 

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This is the Mavericks' schedule, which comes complete with the scores of games they have already played. It is the ideal tool for anyone who likes to put extra planning into their wagers. [+]

Looking back in the schedule, at the Mavericks' wins and losses, will show you which teams they struggle and thrive against. You can see how they fare against certain spreads at home and on the road, take stock of their performance against the overs and unders, find out how they play against good offensive and good defensive teams, and so much more.

Looking ahead in the schedule, meanwhile, is just a way for you to study matchups in advance. Though the official games lines won't be available, you really only need to compare rosters, play styles, records, etc. to get an idea of how you should bet. Then, when the lines are actually released, you'll have an impulse directing you toward one team or the other.

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Dallas Mavericks Standings Right Now

Take a look at the Dallas Mavericks' place in the standings right now. Futures investors in particular will not regret making this a part of their gambling routine. [+]

By simply measuring the Mavericks' record against those of other Western Conference and NBA championship contenders, you can know whether they're worth your time on the macro scale.

If they have a record that aligns with those of other contenders, you know to use them as conference and championship plays—or at least you know to use that as evidence they deserve further consideration. But if they don't match up with other known commodities, you'll be able to steer clear of them with confidence.

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How To Win At Dallas Mavericks Betting

Let's make one thing clear: The Dallas Mavericks' immediate return to Western Conference and championship contention is unlikely. They will likely slog through mediocrity for the rest of Dirk Nowitzki's days, then have to hope they are in a favorable enough position to truly rebuild once he calls it quits.

However, because of the NBA's impending salary cap boon, they will have the means to carve out max contract space this summer, even with Wesley Matthews and Dirk Nowitzki on the books. And that will allow them to acquire some serious talent—the kind that instantly vaults them into genuine futures territory.

The Mavericks need to sign that talent first, to be sure. And that's not easy. They thought they had DeAndre Jordan last summer, only to find out that he really wanted to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers. That cost them dearly.

Still, in the interim, they don't have too many holes assuming the returns of Chandler Parsons and Nowitzki. They need a center and another high-end wing. That's about it. Their point guard situation isn't especially ideal, but again, head coach Rick Carlisle will get by with J.J. Barea and Devin Harris.

If the Mavericks go out and get a high profile big man and wing, while retaining Nowitzki and Parsons, you'll be able to use them as conference and championship plays. They will be long shot odds, of course, but that's what will make them so intriguing.


A win will yield a lucrative return, and you can make a bet on them without feeling entirely crazy.

While rolling with the over on Dallas Mavericks single game plays has typically been a great way to bet, you'll want to make sure free agency doesn't compromise that trend.

As of now, the Mavericks don't have a strong rim protector or perimeter defender. Both Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons, assuming both return, are minus defenders on the outside, and Wesley Matthews just isn't the same defensive bulldog he was before his Achilles injury in 2014-15.

Not one of the Mavericks' primary point guards is an exceptional defender, either. So again, with this current roster, they will score a ton of points and relinquish a ton of points. 

But this roster could change.

Most of the Mavericks' cap flexibility is expected to be dedicated to chasing a big man, specifically Dwight Howard. If they sign him, or another defensive savvy center, they will instantly become a more balanced team.

This is not to suggest they'll be a defensive juggeranut. But they could have enough talent on either end of the floor to the point that you shouldn't be banking on the over to pad your sportsbook account.

If they do add a few good defensive players over the summer, let some of the season play out so you can see whether they're a better over or under investment.

And if they somehow become so balanced they aren't good plays for either the over or under, you'll know to focus more attention on the moneylines and spreads.