Smart sportsbettors have not funneled ample amounts of cash into Philadelphia 76ers wagers over the last three years. They have been that bad, tanking their way toward top draft picks, prioritzing young talent over actual NBA players. The best play during that time has been to wager against them. And while that hasn't been completely reversed, the situation is different now—much different. Sam Hinkie, author of the much-maligned "Process," is long gone, and Joel Embiid has only 31 games through three seasons to his name. [+]

Ben Simmons, the No. 1 pick in 2016, has yet to make his NBA debut as well. But the foundation for a better team has been laid. We saw it when Embiid was healthy, and we can see it now, even in his absence, in the way the Sixers fight and scrap and claw on the defensive end.

This is not a license to go boocoo crazy on Sixers-favored bets. Don't do that—not until 2017-18 when Joel Embiid returns, and that's at the earliest. Their conference and championship futures remain off limits, and you still need to check their injury reports each game, because they're bound to be missing a ton of players.

Still, the Sixers are viable single-night underdogs now. They are better than measured on defense, and the fact that players now know they're going to be in town for more than a hot second, they're playing hard and for one another. That only bodes well for the future, so keep monitoring this team. The Sixers' stock is on the rise—gradual, but still on the up and up. 

Philadelphia 76ers Betting Lines Today

These are the betting lines for the Philadelphia 76ers' next game. Everything you need to start crafting a wager is here, right down to start times, moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. [+]

Should you decide not to place your bet early, keep track of these odds throughout the day. They could change based on injuries, rest days or how much action sportsbooks receive on specific lines once the odds open. Lines can also just vary from website to website, even if only slightly.

No, these individual game lines don't move frequently. Not during the regular season anyway. But it is your responsibility as a bettor to be as informed as fathomably possible.

Bookmarking this page and making sure to check it just before you place your wager is a good way to do just that.

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Here lies a complete look at the Philadelphia 76ers' entire schedule. It comes complete with scores of past games and is especially useful for those looking to plan ahead. [+]

Official game lines won't usually be available days or even weeks in advance. But you can study the matchups to educate yourself on how the Sixers measure up to their opponents. And once the betting lines actually drop, on game day or the night before, you won't have any trouble submitting a wager early, thus capitalizing on the best odds.

Looking at past scores, meanwhile, allows you to see if the Sixers have become solid plays in any one area.

Do they cover spreads at home or on the road? Are they better over or under bets? Do they fare better against offensively or defensively inclined teams? Have they played spoiler against certain Western Conference opponents? And what about Eastern Conference matchups?

If the Sixers are at all viable single game plays, you'll know which type of bets to lay down by sifting through all of their previous performances and scores shown on this schedule.

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Philadelphia 76ers Standings Right Now

These are the Philadelphia 76ers' most up to date standings. For now, they are mostly confirmation about where they sit in the NBA draft lottery ladder. [+]

Later on, though, you'll want to use these standings to see where the Sixers sit in their division, the Eastern Conference and relative to the rest of the NBA. That is how you will know if and when they are, finally, a legitimate investment on the futures front.

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How To Win At Philadelphia 76ers Betting

Joel Embiid is a sign of hope for bettors who were looking for more opportunities to gamble on—not against—the Philadelphia 76ers.

Consider a few stats from his rookie season, which are evergreen because of what they mean going forward.

The Sixers outscored opponents by 67 points with Joel Embiid on the court in 2016-17. That's better than the Memphis Grizzlies were with Marc freaking Gasol in the lineup.

With Embiid, the Sixers' net rating in 2016-17 was a plus-3.2. That's about the same as the Chris Paul-led Los Angeles Clippers overall.

Tim Duncan, meanwhile, was the last NBA rookie, prior to Embiid, to clear 20 points, seven rebounds and two blocks per game. And Embiid, unlike Duncan, can shoot threes.

This is all a huge deal. It means that the Sixers could, one day soon, be major betting plays on all fronts—both futures and single-game wagers.

The catch? Embiid has to stay healthy. He's experienced myriad knee and foot injuries since being drafted in 2014. If he's unable to stay right for an entire year, the Sixers are basically back at square one.

The other catch? It's still going to take some time before the Sixers amount to anything special. Ben Simmons will need to get acclimated to the pros before they go anywhere, and they're waiting on a bunch of other prospects—Nik Stauskas, Dario Saric, etc.—to hit as well.

In the meantime, at full strength, the Sixers are semi-reliable under plays. They defend like one of the league's three best defensive teams whenever Embiid is on the floor, and their offense, while at times fast, doesn't generate enough consistent production to make the over a recurring option.

If you know the Sixers are healthy entering a season, it's not a bad idea to test out win total projections. Sportsbooks will keep them inherently low, because of the uncertainty surrounding Embiid's health, Simmons' NBA ceiling and pretty much everything else that has to do with the nucleus.

If they're completely healthy, though, they'll be good for close to 35 wins. So if you can find projections before or during 2017-18 that have them at 34 or less, don't be afraid to work the over.