The Orlando Magic have yet to emerge as reliable betting plays, in any respect, since losing Dwight Howard to the infamous "Dwightmare" in 2012. In 2015-16, they were supposed to make a leap under newly hired head coach Scott Skiles. But they flamed out midway through the year, fielding a bottom 15 defense and bottom 10 offense. Skiles has since stepped down, and the Magic have handed the reins to former Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel. Can he drum up the Magic's sportsbetting curb appeal in any way, shape or form? [+]

Eventually, maybe. Immeidately, it's not entirely clear.

He didn't.

The Magic have taken yet another step back, pinning themselves to one of the most uneviable positions in the league: devoid of direction. This is a problem. They've had three top-five picks in the last four drafts, and still they don't have a clear-cut cornerstone.

Is it Aaron Gordon? Elfrid Payton? Nikola Vucevic? Do they view Mario Hezonja in that light?

Orlando might be gearing up for another rebuild, even though it's yet to finish the one it began after trading Howard. This will be an important caveat you must keep in mind at sportsbooks everywhere.


Orlando Magic Betting Lines Today

Here you'll find the betting odds for the Orlando Magic's game. Everything you need is down below, including tip off times, moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. [+]

Although the NBA's game lines don't usually change much, if at all, keep returning to this page until you place your bet. In the event they do move, for whatever reason, you'll then have the most up to date lines for when you arrive at the sportsbooks, ensuring you won't be treated to any surprises.

Double-check game lines no matter what, though. Even if they don't shift upon initial release, they can vary from spot to spot. These differences are usually minor, but any anomalies are important to take stock of so that you're placing the most accurate bet possible.

This is the Orlando Magic's entire schedule, complete with a look at their past scores. You'll want to use this as a way of looking ahead and learning from the past. [+]

Dissecting the scores of previous games will give you a look into how the Magic play against certain teams and in certain situations.

Are they strong over plays? How about under options? Do they play well on the road? Are they dominating at home? Have they been holding their own against Western Conference teams? What about Eastern Conference opponents?

Answers to questions like those will give you a rubric to follow when betting on the Magic—one that, when done right, and thoroughly, should make you money.

As for planning ahead, you will rarely ever have the game lines too far in advance. But you can still study the opponent, compare records and rosters, and see which side has the obvious advantage. Then, when the odds for a particular game are released, you'll know how to bet without spending too much time on the decision.

Results / FixturesOrlando Magic

Orlando Magic Standings Right Now

Do you need to know where the Orlando Magic sit in the standings? Absolutely. Especially if you're betting futures. And we have you covered here. [+]

Standings don't help on a daily basis, as they're only valuable to those who frequently play moneylines. They don't help predict spreads, overs and unders. You need to dig deeper for that.

But if you're working the future game, looking at their place in the Southeast Division, Eastern Conference and relative to the rest of the NBA will show you if they hold any value as future plays. It's unlikely they'll be anything more than a low end playoff team in the near future, but hey, you never know.

Unless you look at the standings.

StandingsOrlando Magic

How to Win At Orlando Magic Betting

Don't bother making substantial investments in the Orlando Magic until they prove that they can win basketball games. Or forge even a shred of an identity.

For the moment, they're neither a good offensive nor defensive squad. Under bets hold some appeal because they're so bad at scoring, but their defense isn't anything to tout either. They have random nights when they lock down, but so does every other team.

You won't find money in their futures. They won't sniff the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals for a few years at the very least, and it will probably be a lot longer than that. And there's no point investing in win totals. The Magic have yet to rebuild with any semblance of consistency. It's almost impossible to tell how bad—or, less likely, how good—they're going to wind up.

Truth told, the Magic are most valuable as a team you bet against. You know they are not good, so if you see that they're slight underdogs against, say, the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's a good idea to invest in the former.

None of this will change until the Magic get a superstar in the draft and then pick a rebuilding direction. What are they trying to be? A half-court offense? A fast-paced blur? A slower-paced unit? A defense-first squad? They need to pick, and they've yet to pick, or even assemble the kind of personnel that suggests they're almost ready to pick.

As long as the Magic exist in this bizarre state of flux—which must be fixed via the draft and trades, not free agency, since Orlando isn't a hot destination among players—you must remain in betting limbo, too. Focus your heavy bets elsewhere, on more consistent and predictable and worthwhile squads. You can revisit the Magic as more than small-time ventures when they're actually deserving of your attention.