If you have spent any time on the NBA sportsbetting scene in recent years, you know that the New York Knicks have not been even close to the most consistent of plays. They haven't been a real contender since the late 1990s, and they're currently laboring through a steep decline that began in 2013-14, after their impressive 2012-13 crusade. While there is an end in sight for these Knicks—that end's name is Kristaps Porzingis—they still aren't good enough to be anything more than a spot single game play. [+]

Team president Phil Jackson threw everyone for a whirl when he hired Jeff Hornacek to the be the next head coach. Hornacek isn't from Jackson's coaching tree, which implies, if not guarantees, that the Knicks won't be fully or even partially devoted to the vaunted triangle offense.

Or not.

The 2016-17 regular season didn't unfold as planned. The triangle has returned, the Knicks stink on defense, and the team is once again contending for a bottom-five record.

Don't bet on the Knicks unless you're looking for late-season spoilers. And probably not even then. They aren't a good basketball team, and that probably won't change so long as Jackson is in charge. 

New York Knicks Betting Lines Today

Take a look at all the necessary betting lines for the New York Knicks' next game. All start times, moneylines, spreads, overs and unders can be found here. [+]

Do be sure, however, to keep rechecking these odds before actually placing your bet. NBA game lines don't tend to move much during the regular season, but you'll want to be on the lookout for any surprise shifts or injured player updates that drastically impact these numbers post-publish.

Game lines can also vary depending on the sportsbook you are using. These differences are typically negligible, but cross reference these odds with those at your preferred website, as even the most minor change can impact certain bets.

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This your complete look at the Knicks' entire schedule, which includes scores from past games. Make sure to take advantage of this overview, as it's the perfect tool to help you plan ahead. [+]

Scrolling ahead in the Knicks' schedule won't give you access to official game lines weeks in advance, but it does let you compare and contrast the matchup. See how the rosters stack up against one another. Check out how the Knicks have played against future opponents in the past. Familiarize yourself with the other team's play style and injury report.

Traveling backward in the schedule is arguably more helpful. By looking at the past scores, you will be able to suss out patterns that hold weight for forthcoming games.

How good are the Knicks against the spread at home? What about on the road? How have they played against teams above. 500 versus teams that are below .500? Have they been better under or overplays to this point?

The answers to these questions can, and should, go a long way in shaping how you bet on or against the Knicks, depending on the type of opponent they're matched up against.

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New York Knicks Standings Right Now

Here's a gander at the New York Knicks' place in the standings. This is a goldmine resource for any futures bettors. [+]

While the Knicks aren't expected to be viable Eastern Conference or NBA championship plays, you can know for sure just by looking at their spot in the standings. If they have unexpectedly emerged as a top Eastern Conference team, or even a top NBA contender, you'll know they hold some clout as a legitimate futures play.

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How To Win At New York Knicks Betting

The New York Knicks continue to be difficult. Not only are they bad in a way that precludes you from betting on any of their futures, from win projections to conference and championship odds, but they're bad to the point they don't have an identity.

The Knicks are terrible on defense. Though that would suggest you should work their over, the return of the triangle means slower-paced basketball, which in turn means low-scoring affairs. But because their defense is so bad, it still doesn't make sense to work the under.

Push comes to shove, betting on the over with them is still the way to go. Head coach Jeff Hornacek allows for players to freelance outside the triangle, and that makes for a faster-paced, higher-scoring game.

Other than that, you will want to try spotting opportunistic lines. These will typically consist of the Knicks being underdogs against teams that are actually worse than them, such as the Orlando Magic. The outcomes aren't guaranteed, and the Knicks will still get wrecked by more athletic teams, even tankers, who like to get up and down the floor—think along the lines of the Los Angeles Lakers. But thanks to Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, they should, on most nights, have the edge over the four or five teams in the league who are actually worse than them.

This approach will need to stay in effect until further notice. And buckle up, because it's probably going to be awhile.

The Knicks tried shopping Carmelo Anthony before the 2017 trade deadline to no avail. He owns a no-trade clause, so he can veto any deal to any team that's brought to him, but chances are the two sides will find a way to break up in the immediate future.

Once that happens, you won't know what to expect from the Knicks. Could a Porzingis-led outfit be even better without Melo? Maybe. Will New York be loads worse? Possibly. 

So don't get swayed too much in one direction based off their performance in free agency. You need to see how this squad works with its invariably new cast before drawing any sweeping conclusions. If you want to make a big-picture bet, though, bank on the Knicks being worse than forecasted. That's the safest, albeit still risky, play at the moment.

One final piece of advice: Go hard against the Knicks should they decide to re-sign Derrick Rose. He has proved to be a locker-room cancer, and his continued presence will hinder the development of Porzingis and all those around him. Should he leave in free agency, as expected, you still won't want to view the Knicks as a much better team, but you'll at least know brighter days could be around the corner.