Interested in trying to find betting upside within a simultaneously raw but promising NBA team? Well, then the Milwaukee Bucks are the right gambling fit for you. After a surprisingly successful 2014-15 campaign in which the Bucks made the playoffs, they opted to double down on their current model, not only re-signing Khris Middleton, but offering a two-plus-one-year max deal to Greg Monroe. The move made some semblance of sense at the time. Monroe doesn't space the floor or provide any defensive value whatsoever. [+]

But he could score in the post. And the Bucks didn't need defense. They needed an established scorer. Monroe, in theory, would only help them.

But he didn't help them. Their defense crumbled in 2015-16, and they won just 33 games. Monroe wasn't the sole cause for their demise, yet he didn't move the offensive needle nearly enough, especially when you consider he compromised their entire defensive integrity. Not all of the stats show this, but you could tell in the way they were defending.

Since then, the Bucks are back to 2014-15 form. Sort of. They are up and down, one of the NBA's wildest betting roller coasters. But they are once again in the Eastern Conference's playoff picture, and they're future remains bright now that Giannis Antetokounmpo has morphed into one of the seven or 10 best players in the league.

What does this mean for their betting potential and for you, the bettor? Read on to find out!

Milwaukee Bucks Betting Lines Today

Check out the betting lines on the Milwaukee Bucks' next contest here. All the necessary game information is below, including game times, spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. [+]

Like always, be sure to confirm the lines on this page before placing your bet at the sportsbooks. The odds on NBA games don't typically change, since they are played so often, but it's better to be safe than sorry. You don't want to subject yourself to unnecessary surprises when you're actually ready to lay down money.

Game odds can vary as well from sportsbook to sportsbook. These variances are usually very small and won't have a huge impact on your bet, but you still want to have the most accurate lines possible, so get in the habit of checking these odds against the ones listed at your own sportsbook(s).

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Milwaukee Bucks

Below is your look at the Bucks' entire schedule, including their past games and scores. Do not underestimate the value this plays in shaping a successful trip to the sportsbooks. [+]

Use this schedule to help you plan ahead. Looking forward won't give you early access to unpublished game lines, but it does allow you to study the matchup in detail. Compare the rosters. Review past meetings. Take a look at the records. See if either side is riding a hot or cold streack.

Once game day rolls around and the odds are actually official, you'll then be able to place a quick and effective bet, putting you miles ahead of many other sports gamblers.

Past scores, meanwhile, will show where and when the Bucks struggle or thrive.

How do they play at home? And on the road? Are they better under or over plays? Do they struggle against potent offensive squads? Dominate weaker defensive factions?

Find the answers to these questions, and those even remotely related to them, and your Bucks based betting will be a far more profitable endeavor.

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Milwaukee Bucks Standings Right Now

This is where the Milwaukee Bucks sit in the standings right now. Midseason future bettors in particular will want to document where the team lies. [+]

Looking at the standings only helps from a single game perspective if you're trying to bet moneylines. But by viewing where the Bucks sit relative to the rest of the Central Division, Eastern Conference and NBA, you can tell if they're legitimate divisional, conference championship or NBA title plays.

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How To Win At Milwaukee Bucks Betting

The hardest part of any rebuild is answering the following question: Is the best player on your team capable of being the best player on a championship-winning squad?

For most teams, the answer is no. For the Milwaukee Bucks, the answer is a wholehearted, resounding yes. Giannis Antetokounmpo can absolutely, without question, be the best player on a championship squad.

This is news bettors must pay attention to, because it means the Bucks are on the rise and will soon be eligible for bigger, better wagers.

That time isn't now, though. They are decidedly in the middle. Their offense and defense are both too good for them to be solid over/under plays on a daily basis. Right now, you're probably better off going with the over, since their offense has come such a long way, but you'll need to base those decisions more on the opponent in question.

In the event the Bucks make the playoffs, they won't be favored in their best-of-seven series. So if you want to use them as a dark horse betting play, by all means do it. Just make sure they aren't playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's the one team they won't beat, no matter how ideal the scenario might be.

Looking at the macro view, the Bucks are one more transcendent player away from being an everything play—a viable candidate in the conference and championship futures department. 

Some hoped Jabari Parker would be this player, but his torn ACL will keep him out through almost all of 2017-18. Khris Middleton comes close, but he is not quite good enough. Be on the lookout for the Bucks to add someone via trade or free agency. Once they get another All-Star type, this is when you have the license to be more aggressive betting on them.

For the record, Thon Maker, who just arrived via the draft, could end up being this player. But he's sushi raw, not unlike Antetokounmpo was when he first entered the league. If he's to be their second alpha dog, it's going to take a few years before the Bucks are much more relevant than they are now.