The Indiana Pacers have spent the majority of the last two seasons checking in as one of the more unpredictable NBA betting plays. They were without Paul George for most of 2014-15, as he recovered from a broken right leg, and then hit the quasi reset button in 2015-16, after bidding farewell to David West and Roy Hibbert, among others. Team president wanted them to play fast and small, and they did. For a while. Then they didn't.The Pacers inevitably reverted back to their old ways, building an identity through defense. [+]

Bird, as a result, fired head coach Frank Vogel after they were eliminated from the first round of the 2016 playoffs, replacing him with incumbent assistant Nate McMillan.

Almost needless to say, but not quite, the Pacers remain a betting enigma. They are undergoing a clear stylistic shift, and there's no guarantee they successfully install the model Bird envisions.

George, as a power forward, and Myles Turner, as a stretch 5, can anchor the fast paced spacey lineups that permeate the rest of today's NBA. But the Pacers have still elected to play George at the 3, and their spacing for a team that wants to play fast is wonky.

Ellis specifically becomes an iffy fit in smaller lineups unless he's the primary ball handler. He cannot serve as a spot up shooter, inherently limiting the Pacers' offensive versatility regardless of the personnel they have on the floor.

Much of the Pacers' betting intrigue, then, hinges on their ability to obtain the pieces necessary to play the way that Bird wants them to play. And even then, as a team in the early stages of a systemic facelift, they cannot be considered anything other than viable game by game plays until they prove worthy of futures investments.

Indiana Pacers Betting Lines Today

Find the betting lines for the Indiana Pacers' next game right here. We have everything you need, from tip off times and moneylines, to spreads, overs and unders. [+]

Pay close attention to possible line shifts. Since the NBA is a daily league, the odds won't move much, if at all, once published. But you'll still want to check back here right up until you make your bet, so that you can guarantee you have the most accurate available information.

Also, game odds can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. These divergences are typically minor, often inconsequential, but even the slightest change can impact how you decide on a certain bet. Make sure you're seeing whether this information aligns with the lines you're getting at your sportsbooks of choice.

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Here is the Indiana Pacers' complete schedule, which also includes a look at the scores of past games. Use this to plan ahead on your bets, while learning from Indiana's past performances. [+]

Offical lines will rarely be available too far in advance, but you can still gain a ton of insight just by comparing and contrasting matchups—the rosters, the play styles, the records, etc. This way, when sportsbooks officially release the lines, you'll be a step ahead of everyone else and poised to pounce on the earliest odds.

Let previous games be the basis for how you view certain matchups, though. See how the Pacers play at home, on the road, against Eastern Conference Teams, versus Western Conference teams, against strong defensive units, versus powerful offenses, etc.

Take their past performances in certain situations, apply it to current and future matchups, and you'll have a basis for laying down winning wagers all season long. 

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Indiana Pacers Standings Right Now

Check out the Indiana Pacers' current standings here. This look won't help you too much on a daily betting basis, unless you're heavily investing in moneylines, but it is an invaluable tool for the futures game. [+]

If you see that the Pacers are playing better than expected, matching up well against Central Division opponents, Eastern Conference brethren and the rest of the NBA, you'll know they rank as attractive future plays on either or all of those levels.

If not, then you will know to keep on keeping on with your single game plays and nothing else. Expect this to be the most likely betting scenario for the Pacers. Though they have part of a foundation in place, they are still young and trying to find themselves. 

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How To Win At Indiana Pacers Betting

The Indiana Pacers epitomize mediocrity. That makes them an extremely tough betting play on all fronts.

Until further notice, you'll want to avoid their futures. Period. This includes championship and Eastern Conference odds, in addition to win projections from season to to season. They will be too prone to yearly swings as they continue to toe this line between rebuilding and competing for a low-end playoff berth.

As far as individual game lines go, you are not going to get much consistency out of the Pacers. They don't stack up particularly well against the Eastern Conference's elite, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, but they're not trash, either. They aren't dominant enough to guarantee victories against cruddy opponents, such as the Orlando Magic and New York Knicks, but they're not the equals of those bottom-feeders, either.

Throw in an offense and defense that fail to rank as either good or bad, and you can see the dilemma.

With the roster's current makeup, you're left to play the extremely nuanced trends: home and away games.

When the Pacers are home, they are one of the tougher teams in the league to beat. That's the time to bet in favor of their spread, be they small-time favorites or big-time underdogs. When they're on the road, this is when you'l most want to move away from them, betting on their opponent's spread—provided it's not too large.

In addition to everything just discussed, you'll want to monitor the future of franchise cornerstone Paul George. Most think he'll leave to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent, in 2018, at which time the Pacers would enter a full-scale rebuild.

There's a chance they move him before then, though, so keep your eyes peeled. Whether or not he's on the team will drastically impact the bettapility of a team that already has very little.