There is really only one thing to say about the Cleveland Cavaliers: They are still the Eastern Conference's premier squad—the unquestioned favorites in every single game and future play. And it's not hard to see why, not when LeBron James is still firmly in his prime and he's complemented by a pair of superstars, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, who are starting the learn the ins and outs of sacrifice. The Cavaliers have never appeared more together, more in sync, more in tune with one another than they do. [+]

So if you're betting on the NBA's Eastern Conference without directing most of your wagers toward them, you'll want to change that immediately.

If we're looking for a potential crack in the Cavaliers' armor, it would be their title window. They are unchecked Eastern Conference title plays, but the Western Conference is a different animal. They have to worry about the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and even the Los Angeles Clippers. 

The Warriors specifically are younger. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes make up a foundation that merges the perfect amount of youth and experience. LeBron, meanwhile, has long since left his 30th birthday in the rear view. He won't be at the pinnacle of his game forever, and he has proven irreplaceable to the Cavaliers' overall performance. 

If he only has one or two years left in his prime, what does that mean for Cleveland? Actually, nothing. Or rather, very little.

Irving and Love should be ready to take up the mantle by that point, as LeBron ages, allowing him to play a secondary role that in turn ensures he ages a little more gracefully. That's when you'll really start to see and feel the benefit of James leaving the Miami Heat, as he needs to lean on his younger comrades. He didn't have that luxury with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Point being, the Cavaliers are on course to dominate the Eastern Conference for at least the next four or five years, maybe more. And your Eastern Conference futures, as well as your NBA Finals futures, should reflect as much.

Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Lines Today

These are today's Cleveland Cavaliers betting lines. We have all the fixings: moneylines, spreads, start times, overs and unders.  [+]

If you're someone who doesn't place their wagers until later on in the day, perhaps just before tip off, get in the pattern of returning here a few times throughout the lull so that you can ensure the lines have not changed.

The NBA's odds don't often change during the regular season, since they're basically released at the last minute anyway, but it does happen. And it happens even more around playoff time.

Enjoy this look at the Cleveland Cavaliers' entire schedule and previous game results. Anyone hoping to gain an edge in fortchoming matchups will want to use this frequently. [+]

Your bets can be planned ahead by sifting through future matchups. Game lines won't be available that far in advance, but simply being able to compare rosters, play styles and records will go a long way toward making your decision once the official odds get dropped.

Scrolling through the Cavaliers' past games is also understatedly useful. There is no better indicator of the future, after all, than the past. You get to see how the Cavaliers have performed in certain situations, facing certain opponents, against specific odds.

How are they faring at home? What about on the road? Have they been more of an under or an over play? Are they struggling against strong offensive teams? What about above average defensive teams? 

Do the tail ends of back to backs kill their betting stock? What's their record against Western Conference squads? Which teams have given them the most trouble this season?

Find the answers to these questions as the season presses on, and your sportsbook account will feel the impact—in the best way possible.

Results / FixturesCleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Standings Right Now

Use this look at the Cleveland Cavaliers' place in the standings as a peripheral tool only. It won't do you much good for a team as good as them. [+]

You get to see which teams in the Eastern Conference might be on their six, and you can also measure how they are faring compared to some of the Western Conference powerhouses.

Other than that, you really only need these standings to remind yourself that the Cavaliers don't have an Eastern Conference peer just yet.

StandingsCleveland Cavaliers

How To Win At Cleveland Cavaliers Betting

Something worth monitoring from here on is how the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to fill out their supporting cast.

Channing Frye is under contract after this season, Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert are locked up long term and the Cavaliers will have no trouble keeping Richard Jefferson on the roster if they want him. But both Matthew Dellavedova and J.R. Smith (player option) will be free agents this summer.

Though Dellavedova is a restricted free agent, meaning the Cavaliers can match any offer he receives, some team could swoop in with a monster deal that forces Cleveland to pay up the wazoo in luxury taxes. They already owe so much money to Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Thompson, and they'll need to re-sign LeBron James this summer, too.

Aggressive suitors who take advantage of the NBA's impending salary cap boon can most definitely whisk one, if not both, of Dellavedova and Smith out of Cleveland. And if they get too expensive to keep, what will the Cavaliers do?

They won't enjoy the same flexibility as other teams, leaving them to scrape the bottom of the barrel for actual everyday rotation players. And that's always a dangerous game.

Cleveland will be fine so long as the Big Three is healthy and intact, but the future of the team's glue guys, specifically Smith and Delly this summer, is worth watching.

It's easy to get complacent when betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Their only real threats lie out in the Western Conference, and they don't match up against those foes very often.

However, you need to be constantly vigilant.

Size up any potential threat in the Eastern Conference, however seemingly slight, and take it seriously. See if one of the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks or another team has stepped up. The sooner you can spot the Eastern Conference's second-best team, the sooner you can determine whether or not they impact your view of the Cavaliers' conference and title chances.

As far as title chances go, though, you'll want to invest in the Cavaliers only sparingly. If the Warriors' title window suddnely closes, that's one thing. Otherwise, they're the unmitigated favorites that Cleveland has yet to prove it can beat.

Throwing a little bit of cash down on the Cavaliers hoping that they're able to improve their championship stock after your bet is fine. But the odds for betting on Eastern Conference titles vs. NBA titles won't be that much different. And the Eastern Conference is more of a sure thing. Stick with what you know is a sound investment.