On the heels of a 21 win disaster in 2015-16, it would be nice if we could say that the Brooklyn Nets were once again on the cusp of becoming something more than the team you should always bet against. But we can't. The Nets are the NBA's worst team, and that's not about to change. General manager Sean Marks will get this team on the right track, though. So, there's that. He has an extensive background with the San Antonio Spurs and, in the short time he's been in charge, has said all the right things about rebuilding this squad. [+]

But the path toward contention for the Nets will be a long, winding road, one that's rife with growing pains. They don't control the rights to their own draft pick until 2019, so they'll likely spend the next two to three years just cycling through roster experiments and aggressively bidding on free agents, both young and established. After that, the real rebuilding begins.

That's what makes this situation so complicated. The Nets cannot be viewed as serious betting plays for a while. Not a season, or two seasons, or even three seasons. More likely than not, it'll take four or more years before they're relevant in the standings.

Do not worry, however. If you know what to look for, you can still make money off of them.

Brooklyn Nets Betting Lines Today

Every betting line you need to wager on the Brooklyn Nets' next game is here, from spreads and moneylines, to overs and unders. [+]

Pay special attention to the lines as the day wears on. The odds for regular season NBA games don't change often, but they can if sportsbooks are taking in too much action on one side, or if a surprise player return or injury is announced ahead of tipoff.

Even if news doesn't break that could impact these lines, review them anyway. Game odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, and no matter how slight the difference, you'll want to make sure you're aware of it.

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The Brookyn Nets' scores and future schedule can be found here. Anyone who likes to plan bets in advance or gain insight into forthcoming games will want to visit this page frequently. [+]

Game lines won't usually be available too far in advance, so you won't have those numbers to work with. But you can still study the matchup from different angles, comparing the rosters, play styles, records, injury reports, recent hot and cold streaks and anything else that springs to mind.

After doing that, you'll have the intellectual firepower to make a quick and accurate bet once the lines are officially published.

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Brooklyn Nets Standings Right Now

This is where you can find the Brooklyn Nets' curernt spot in the standings. For now, it's just confirmation that they are among the worst teams in the league. Later on, though, it will hold meaning—particularly for futures bettors. [+]

Some time in the distant future, you'll want to see how the Nets' record compares with those of widely accepted Eastern Conference and NBA title contendres. If they hold their own against those opposing records, you'll know to consider them a strong future play on a variety of fronts.

If you're not going to make these bets in the offseason—and, again, you shouldn't be for now—don't get caught up in early season hype. That's fine if you were on the fence about a certain team beforehand. But for new, sometimes random contenders, you'll want to make sure the sample size of their dominance is large enough to suppor your futures bet.

Wait a minimum of one-quarter of the regular season before buying stock in a new contender. That's enough time to where if you do get burned, it will be relatively unexpected.

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How To Win At Brooklyn Nets Betting

What the Brooklyn Nets lack in wins and potential, they make up for with an identity. It's not a proven identity, or even close to a finished identity, but they play a very specific style that allows you to at least pluck out opportunities in which they will be good betting investments.

Let's start with the over. Head coach Kenny Atkinson will have the Nets playing fast and free regardless of how many facelifts their roster undergoes. This squad will continue to rank near top of the league in possessions used per 48 minutes, in addition to routinely finishing in the top-five of three-point attempts. 

It doesn't matter whether the Nets are efficient on offense. They probably won't be for a while. They will be experimenting with too many different prospects, projects and dice rolls. But when you are generating that many possessions and taking that many threes, you're going to total a lot of points, regularly clearing the 100-point threshold. The over automatically becomes a good bet.

In the immediate future, this appeal is buoyed by a crummy defense. The Nets don't have enough tried-and-true pests to be even close to average on the less glamorous end. For as long as that doesn't change, you will want to work their over hard—particularly when they go up against high-scoring opponents who also tend to play fast.

As far as their spreads go, you will want to zero in on those near the end of each season. That's when the Nets will have had ample time to adjust to one another. More importantly, it's when other teams take their foot off the gas.

Sure, there will be plenty of contenders jostling for postseason seeding. But there will also be a bevy of squads that have checked out on the regular season, because their seeding is set or their lottery fate is sealed. Given how hard the Nets play under Atkinson, these are situations they will be able to exploit.

For example, let's say it's mid-March. The Cleveland Cavaliers are 13-point favorites over the Nets. If they have already locked up the Eastern Conference's best record, giving them little to play for, it makes sense to take the Nets at +13.

All other bet types must be monitored as time wears on. Stay on top of the Nets' record and roster so that you know when they're genuinely relevant and worth flyers in the futures department.