Any NBA bettors who haven't stumbled onto the Boston Celtics just yet need to get there. And fast. They are the Association's premier up and coming team, and it won't be long before they are everything plays at sportsbooks. Though the Celtics are still rebuilding, they are not chained to an extensive timeline like most other transitioning teams. Depth and superior coaching have left them to be one of the league's most versatile squads. Head coach Brad Stevens uses a mix of ball handlers, drivers and screen setters to construct an efficient offense. [+]

The Celtics are now, very clearly, the second-best team in the Eastern Conference. Even if the records don't always reflect it, the acquisition of Al Horford, along with the rises of Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder make it true.

If there's a team in the conference that's going to end the Cleveland Cavaliers' reign of dominance, it's going to be the boys in green before it'll be the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards. Bet on the Celtics accordingly at the sportsbooks.


Boston Celtics Betting Lines Today

Here you will find all the necessary betting lines for the Boston Celtics' next game: the spreads, moneylines, overs, unders and start times. [+]

Make this page a part of your betting routine each and every game. Not only is all the pertinent information conveniently consolidated, but you need to stay on top of any potential shifts in the odds.

Big time movement doesn't normally apply to NBA regular season games, to be sure. But if there are players suffering from injury or who could be on a rest day, that will impact the initially published lines.

Unless you place your bets first thing, once the odds are published, you'll want to circle back here a couple of times to confirm the numbers haven't changed in a way that will impact your bet.

As a precautionary measure, it's always a great idea to just double check these lines no matter what. Game odds can vary by the sportsbook, and although these differences are slight, the most microscopic change can force you to pivot on a bet or two.

This is where you can look at the Boston Celtics' entire schedule, which comes complete with the scores and outcomes of their previous games.  [+]

Super organized bettors can use the schedule to look ahead and plan for different matchups. You won't have sanctioned odds and lines to work with, but you can study the roster makeup and play styles of Boston's forthcoming opponents, giving you an edge on game day, when the lines are officially released.

Past games and outcomes are woth your time insofar as they let you know how to bet on the Celtics in certain situations.

Be cognizant of how they are doing against the spread at home and on the road. See if they are more consistent over or under plays. Look back and check out their record against Eastern Conference teams and Western Conference factions. Find out which types of opponents they have struggled or thrived against: those who are strong offensively, or those who are considered defensive specialists?

All of this information will be valuable to your future wagers. And you'll know just how valuable once you see the single game profits start piling up.

Results / FixturesBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Standings Right Now

Sportsbettors who like to play futures will want to make this look at the Boston Celtics' current spot in the standings a research staple. [+]

By seeing how the Celtics' record compares to known Eastern Conference and NBA title contenders, you will then be able to decide if they, too, are a good futures option in that department.

A general rule of thumb is that if a team, like the Celtics, ranks in the top four of their conference, it's time to do further research and see if they are attractive conference title and NBA championship wagers.

StandingsBoston Celtics

How To Win At Boston Celtics Betting

It's official: The Boston Celtics are everything plays.

On the single-game front, you'll want to lean toward the over. Their offense has improved from last year while their defense isn't as good. It's still solid, so you'll need to play their opponent as well, but the offense usually outstrips the defense. Anytime they're playing another faster-paced team that can score at a super efficient clip, don't hesitate to look at their over.

The Celtics are truly interesting in the futures department. You shouldn't be investing in them as if they are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs, they should be among the most popular dark horse bets, right along with the Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors.

This does stand to change in the near future, though—for the better.

The Celtics are the rare team competing now while maintaining the utmost free-agency and draft-day flexibility. They own each of the Brooklyn Nets' next two picks, both of which should land in the top five of the selection process. For summer 2017, they will be able to carve out max-contract space if they wish.

Theoretically, then, they can sign a superstar then flip one of those draft picks as part of a package for another star—most likely Jimmy Butler or Paul George. If this happens, you will want to treat the Celtics as favorites right from the jump, almost as as you would the Cavaliers.

Do not invest in them as if they are the finished versions of the Cavaliers or Warriors, but they'll come pretty close. That said, stick to the championship and conference futures. You don't want to get mixed up in win projections for a team that has undergone a substantial facelift, however promising it looks.

Should the Celtics only land a single star or fail to grab another star at all, fear not; they will remain dark horses. And they are always liable to pull off something big around the league's February trade deadline.

What you're monitoring, basically, is if and when the Celtics will make the jump from what they are now, in legitimate dark horses, to Spurs-types favorites—just behind the Cavaliers and Warriors, but visibly in front of everyone else. You aren't looking for potential regression; that's a risk for another year, if that.