The Atlanta Hawks have some rebuilding to do. We entertained the idea that they were better equipped to contend in the Eastern Conference, despite seeing their win total dip by 12, because of their defense. But they limped through a first-round playoff series with the shorthanded Boston Celtics and then utterly collapsed, again, when facing the Cleveland Cavaliers, losing four contests in succession and earning themselves a second round exit. Now they're faced with a ton of questions over the offseason. [+]

Age and free agency are the two biggest threats to the Hawks' current status. Both Al Horford and Kent Bazemore will be unrestricted free agents this summer, Paul Millsap is on the wrong end of 30 and Kyle Korver, 35, took a massive step back this year. 

Decisions will have to be made on Dennis Schroder and Jeff Teague as well. Schroder is extension eligible, though he won't reach restricted free agency until 2017, and wants to start. Teague is already the current starter and entering the last year of his deal. The Hawks could decide to move one in advance of 2016-17.

Which is to say, the Hawks may look very different over the next couple months, and not in a good way. They already took a giant step back as currently constructed. Just imagine what will happen if they take a stick of dynamite to the core.

Atlanta Hawks Betting Lines Today

View all the necessary information for the Atlanta Hawks' next game here. We have the start times, moneylines, spreads, overs and unders all locked and loaded for your consumption. [+]

If you're inclined to hold off on a single game bet, just be sure to return here before actually hitting submit with your sportsbook. The NBA's lines don't change often during the regular season, but it can happen, and it's quite common during the playoffs.

See the Atlanta Hawks' entire schedule and all their scores here. This is a great resource for anyone hoping to get ahead on their bets. [+]

Looking at the upcoming matchups allows you to plan wagers in advance. You won't have the game lines, but you can still study how the teams' players and play styles stack up. Then, when the official lines are actually published, you'll know exacty how to bet once you see them.

Exploring the Hawks' previous wins and losses is hugely beneficial as well. You get to see how they fared against certain types of spreads, moneylines, overs, unders and opponents. You can also figure out how they're playing at home versus when they're away. 

All that information is super valuable, as spotting trends and patterns helps remove some of the uncertainty from betting. Even a team like that Hawks, with a future swathed in mystery, will reveal something as the season wears on. Keep up with their performances, and you'll have the inside track on how to make money betting both for and against them.

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Atlanta Hawks Standings Right Now

It has never been more important to know the Atlanta Hawks' place in the standings than it is now. Their status within the Eastern Conference and relative to the rest of the NBA is beyond murky, so you need view the standings as your futures lifeline. [+]

Are they contending for their division? How about the Eastern Conference title? Have they, against all reasonable logic, emerged as legitimate championship contenders, kind of like they did in 2014-15? 

Or have they fallen out of the playoff and division pictures entirely, confirming what we may have suspected–that they're no longer a solid futures venture?

Staying on top of the Hawks' place in the standings willl allow you to answer all those questions and then fittingly adapt your betting expectations.

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How To Win At Atlanta Hawks Betting

Count on one or both of Al Horford and Kent Bazemore leaving the Atlanta Hawks in free agency. And should one or both of them leave, avoid Hawks futures like you're allergic to them. They won't be cut out to win their division, let alone contend for an Eastern Conference or NBA title.

Horford is clearly the more important of these two players. Fortunatley for the Hawks, they can offer him more money and years than any other team. They just have to decide whether he's worth a four- or five-year max deal. He is one of the most versatile bigs in the game—one of the most versatile bigs ever, really—but committing 30 percent of the salary cap to him is a risk, especially given that he's about to turn 30 years old.

Bazemore's situation is more complicated, in a bad way. The Hawks don't own his Bird rights, so they cannot offer him more money and years than other suitors. The most they can offer him without dipping into their own cap space is the league's average salary plus $2 million. That amounts to around $6 million or so annually, which just isn't going to cut it.

In the new salary cap climate, Bazemore will command somewhere betwene $10 and $15 million per year. The Hawks will have to pony up that cash if they wish to keep, and there's no guarantee they will. Worse, there's no guarantee they should. Reinvesting in a 48-win nucleus that flames out in the second round of the playoffs isn't a pillar of sound decision-making.

You should be sensing a theme by now: If you want to win money betting on the Atlanta Hawks, it's best not to lay any money down on them until their offseason picture clears up.

See what happens with Al Horford and Kent Bazemore. Find out if they're going to trade Dennis Schroder or Jeff Teague. Keep tabs on whether they're able to actually upgrade, rather than just maintain, the roster via free agency.

Once you know the personnel, you'll be able to make some decisions.

If the roster has improved without ripping apart the core, they become solid divisional and Eastern Conference title plays. They'll remain great under investments as well, since retaining most of the current foundation implies they'll look to define themselves as a top rate defensive team. No matter what happens, however seemingly fanstatic, you'll still want to cool it on championship futures. 

But if the core gets ripped apart by free agency, trades and/or the sudden decision by management to rebuild, you'll know to wait even longer. You'll have to see how much worse the Hawks get, and figure out whether they're a team you avoid altogether, or an organization that you always bet against.