AL Central Standings Right Now

For all information regarding the current pecking order of teams in the AL Central look no further than the standings tool below.  [+]

Similiar to the daily betting option above, make sure to check back with this function regularly as the betting lines will almost certainly be affected by who is surging and struggling in the division. 


How To Win At AL Central Division Betting

There is a strategy when putting your money on American League Central teams.

The Cleveland Indians, who won the division in 2016, were virtually unbeatable on home field as the club posted a remarkable 53-28 record at Progressive Field. The Indians had a winning record on the road as well, posting a mediocre 41-39. It’s obvious the Indians are a better bet at home, but keep an eye on the odds when the club is playing on the road as it can result in a rewarding payout.

After missing the playoffs in 2016, the Detroit Tigers will also be hungry to get back into the post-season picture. Time is running out for former Triple Crown slugger Miguel Cabrera, who has a few more good years left in the tank. Much like the Indians, the Tigers were also a better team on home field during the 2016 where the club posted a 45-35 record but just missed out on clinching a wild-card playoff spot.

Three separate teams have claimed the division over the last three seasons, so expect the same type of diversity in the AL Central moving forward. However the Indians are well positioned to compete for the World Series each season.

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