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You’ve come to the right place if you like betting on sports. Is it football, soccer, hockey, baseball or basketball that tickles your fancy? Lucky for you it doesn’t really matter what sport you prefer as we have you covered on all fronts. Offering team pages from each and every sport, we are determined to make your life as a sports bettor fruitful and favorable. Our [+]

NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS and NBA pages cover every team in each respective league. They’re full of stats, betting tips, analytics, game betting lines, schedules and standings.

You’ll never have to deviate from A list of the best online betting sites around accompanies all the information thay you’ll require to hone your sports betting craft. All of the betting sites on our livescore pages come highly recommended across the industry. Let us provide the tools you need to thrie so you can concentrate on planning a solid betting strategy.

And we’re not only interested in North American sports. North American sports are still our focus so don’t worry about us straying from the nest. We want to, however, cover as many sports as humanly possible as this is our bread and butter so why not make the most out of our expertise. 

We’ll be covering the soccer from around the globe, including the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, World Cup, Euro Cup and more. We have over 200 team pages so you can place your bets with confidence, knowing that the information provided is reliable and sound. 

We have betting lines for every league, competition and game so, whether you fancy moneyline, point spread, prop bets or parlays, you can stay on track. It’s an exciting prospect and we cannot wait to see sports bettors thrive and beat the bookmakers. 

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As you can see below, we cover a wide range of sports. Navigate our individual league and team pages if you fancy a more in-depth look at your favorite sport.  

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 07 October
FT Houston Astros 3 - 10 Tampa Bay Rays -119 +109
AEI Atlanta Braves 4 - 5 St. Louis Cardinals +104 -115
FT Los Angeles Dodgers 1 - 6 Nationals -417 +340
FT New York Yankees 5 - 1 Minnesota Twins -3333 +1500
Tuesday 08 October
FT Houston Astros 1 - 4 Tampa Bay Rays -227 +209
Wednesday 09 October
FT St. Louis Cardinals 13 - 1 Atlanta Braves -105 -105
AEI Nationals 7 - 3 Los Angeles Dodgers +154 -167
Thursday 10 October
FT Tampa Bay Rays 1 - 6 Houston Astros +233 -256
Friday 11 October
FT Nationals 2 - 0 St. Louis Cardinals +125 -135
Saturday 12 October
96' Nationals 1 - 0 St. Louis Cardinals -128 +117
New York Yankees 20:08 Houston Astros +140 -152
Sunday 13 October
New York Yankees 20:08 Houston Astros

How To Win At Livescore Sports Betting

The big question on your mind must be how to win at online sports betting. The answer, most simply put, is by doing your homework. You must put in the effort if you intend on reaping the online betting rewards. You must, no matter the sport you’re betting on, dig deep into the analytics so you’re well prepared. 

Take a look at whether the team you’re betting on plays better at home or on the road. Do they play well during long homestands and are they prolific offensively or a stout defensive team. Are the better against the opposing conference or teams in their own division?

Is their top goal scorer, receiver, defenseman worth a prop bet and how many goals, points does the team average per game? 

Make sure you reference the team’s injury status and find out if the next game is a must win or a meaningless affair. Will the team be resting players and is their opponent on a slump or hot streak?

Finding out all of this information will set you on the right course and provide knowledge necessary to make educated wagering decisions. 

And don’t forget to enjoy watching sports. Eat, breath and sleep sports and you’ll be on the right track. You can never watch enough sports highlights. If you go with that mandate, you’ll be just fine on the betting trail. 

Now that you’re ready to bet, have a look at the best online betting sites below and locate the one that meets all of your lofty requirements.