High Roller Betting Sites

We welcome those readers that are searching for online sports betting websites that happily accept high rollers – rather than cast them off, as many sites do when it comes to ill termed “professional” gamblers. We have never understood why some wagering websites ban pro bettors and they certainly don’t make our top recommended list. Suggesting Internet sites that accept big deposits, large bets and lofty cash out limits, is the top priority down below. 

Betting Sites Accepting High Rollers

At SBS we understand that high rollers have more important things on their plate than wasting time searching for high limit betting sites. That’s why our crack research team has done the leg work required to present the best gambling sites for the “whales” of the online betting world. More often than not, well established betting houses like Bookmaker.eu and BetDSI.eu will never shy away from accepting high rollers. Instead, they offer the proper payment processors to move large sums of money – quickly and safely.

Finding High Limit Gaming Sites

In order to be recommended as a high limit gaming site, operators must be prepared and willing to accept large deposits, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. At the Legends Sportsbook for example, their Money Transfer payment method is a quick and convenient way to fund your betting account that offers an unlimited deposit ceiling. Legends also offer maximum payouts of $100,000 on many of their sports betting options.

Sportsbooks For High Rollers

Bookmaker is another sportsbook suited to high rollers as they advertise BankWire and BankDraft deposit methods that provide account funding at the $100,000 plus level. As one of the more established sportsbooks on the planet, Bookmaker has never been shy when it comes to accepting  players at any level. This is evident by the $50,000 betting limit in place for Super Bowl betting. For more information on these sportsbooks, along with others that cater to high rollers, please refer to our top recommended sportsbooks on the SBS homepage.