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Mayweather and McGregor Best Knockouts

Mayweather and McGregor Best Knockouts
It may be Conor McGregor's only hope, his one realistic opportunity. McGregor is given a puncher's chance to defeat Floyd Mayweather in their Aug. 26 boxing bout, and truth be told, McGregor has proven an efficient KO artist in the UFC.

Mayweather, McGregor Both Know How To KO


Can UFC champ Conor McGregor pull off the unlikely and do what no boxer has been able to achieve and defeat 15-time world titlist Floyd Mayweather in their Aug. 26 boxing match? Can McGregor perform the seemingly impossible and knock out Mayweather?

To be brutally honest, that may be his only chance.

True, it’s a slim chance, about as probable as one of the TV networks adding O.J. Simpson as an NFL analyst when the Juice makes parole in October.

Mayweather is 49-0 as a pro, recording 26 of those victories via the knockout route. But while Mayweather is known as a fine tactician and perhaps even the finest defensive fighter ever to set foot in a boxing ring, the man known as Money isn’t money when it comes to delivering knockouts, and he knows it.

Mayweather has won his last seven bouts via judges’ decision, delivering just one knockout in his last 10 fights, and that one, while decisive, was controversial. In a 2011 bout with Victor Ortiz, Mayweather’s opponent was called for a head butt and after being admonished by the referee, Ortiz met Mayweather in the middle of the ring to touch gloves. As Ortiz stepped away, Mayweather drilled him twice and sent him slumping to the canvas.

Many called it a cheap shot and Mayweather got into an infamous shouting match with Showtime’s Larry Merchant following the fight. Mayweather’s defence of his action was to utter the same words fighters are told by the ref prior to every bout.

Protect yourself at all times.

Interestingly, McGregor has enlisted the aid of referee Joe Cortez to go over the finer points of the rules of boxing.

Prior to Ortiz, Mayweather’s previous knockout was a 10th TKO of Ricky Hatton in 2007. Hatton has gone on record saying that Mayweather will destroy McGregor.

If he does, perhaps it will look something like Mayweather’s 2001 annahilation of Diego Corrales for the world super featherweight title. Corrales, who’d never been off his feet in his career, was floored five times before his corner stopped the fight in the 10th round.

You won’t find a sportsbook giving McGregor much of a chance to defeat Mayweather, let alone knock him senseless. lists Mayweather at odds of -550 to take the fight, while McGregor is listed at +375. breaks down the final outcome as -190 that the fight will end via a Mayweather win by knockout, TKO or disqualification. McGregor is assigned odds of +475 to win in similar fashion, but it’s +1600 that McGregor will win by virtue of a decision.


Those who see any hope for McGregor – and let’s be realistic, it’s a small sample size – believe that knockout is the route he must travel to triumph.

Eddie Alavarez, knocked out by McGregor in UFC 205, believes the Irish MMA fighter possesses the punch to put down Mayweather. 

While Mayweather did much of his damage early in his career, scoring knockouts in 13 of his first 15 fights, McGregor has proven to be a consistent KO presence, winning of his 24 lifetime visits to the octagon via knockout, including six of his last eight fights. 

McGregor did train as an amateur boxer, so he does have that in his back pocket. But it’s his punch that gives him the best chance – probably his only chance – to take down Mayweather.

Whether there’s a knockout or not, what will be classified as mandatory when these two men meet at T-Mobile Arena is that there must be plenty of action.

The people who Mayweather and McGregor can least afford to put to sleep are the fans.

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