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The 2015 was unarguably a low point for the Houston Dynamo. After an 11-14-9 record, Houston earned the third-last spot in the Western Conference and failed to make the playoffs for the second straight season. Historically, the Dynamo are a strong force in the both the Western and Eastern Conference, making four MLS Cup appearances. The Houston Dynamo became an MLS team in 2006 and kicked off its franchise debut with a powerful punch. The Dynamo captured two MLS Cup victories from its first two seasons. [+]

They beat the New England Revolution in both finals. 

Houston came out strong again in 2008, capturing the top spot in the Western Conference and qualified for the CONCACAF Champions’ League. Forward Brian Ching and midfielder Ricardo Clark also made their marks on the Dynamo during those years.

After five years in the Western Conference, Houston became an Eastern Conference team in 2011 because the Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers joined the MLS. That same year the Dynamo looked to repeat its championship successes from 2006 and 2007. They made it to the finals in both 2011 and 2012, but fell on both occasions to the LA Galaxy, a perennial MLS powerhouse.

Houston Dynamo has also been a long-time rival of FC Dallas. Every year, Houston and Dallas compete in the Texas Derby to see who reigns supreme in the state. The winner takes home the El Capitan, a replica of an 18th century howitzer. The Dynamo used to be the more successful team, but in recent seasons, FC Dallas has enjoyed their fare shair of the spoils. 

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Houston definitely wouldn’t want to find itself in eighth spot again. Take a look at the table below to see if the team can climb into playoff contention.


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In 2015, Houston gave up 49 goals, the most of any Western Conference team. Just as Gene Kranz had to work rigorously from the command base to bring the astronauts safely back to earth in 1970, starting goalkeeper Tyler Deric had a similar task as Houston’s last line of defense. 

During the season, Deric faced139 shots – the sixth most of all MLS goalkeepers. Houston must play better team defense to take some pressure off of their over worked goalkeeper. 

Houston scored 42 goals during the 2015 season, a fairly moderate total. Will Bruin led the team in scoring in 2015 with 11 goals and four assists. 


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