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The Philadelphia Union made its debut as an MLS franchise in 2010. Today, the team has yet to prove itself as a capable team in the MLS. So far, the only playoff appearance that Philadelphia has made was in 2011, where the team placed third in the Eastern Conference and made it only to the conference semifinals. Based on the 2015 season, any hope for a successful season still seems far away. In 2015, the Union placed second last in the conference, the worst record to date. [+]

In 2008, the Union became the 16th team to join the MLS franchise. Initially, the MLS’ plan was to base the new team in New Jersey but did not get approval from local governors. It was in 2010 that Philadelphia played in its inaugural season, coming out with a seventh place spot in the Eastern Conference. A surprising turnaround occurred the following year. After going 11-8-15, the Union earned a bye to the conference semifinals, only to lose both games against the Houston Dynamo.

From 2012 onward, the Union have not qualified for the playoffs. With the exception of 2013, every season since 2011 has ended with more loses than wins. 

To date, French forward Sebastien Le Toux remains the key favorite of the team’s fans. From 2010 to present, Le Toux was the leading scorer for the Union in three different seasons – 2010, 2011, and 2014. 

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Are you wondering what caused Philadelphia Union’s lacklustre performance for the past few seasons? Bleak offense has had a lot to do with the team’s struggles. In 2015, Philadelphia managed to score only 42 goals. It doesn’t take a surgeon to figure out where the Union are going awry. 

C.J Sapong – who was the MLS Rookie of the Year in 2011 – was the team’s leader in scoring last season and but could only manage nine goals. 

Since scoring the Union’s first goal in the team’s MLS debut in 2010, Sebastien Le Toux has been one of the key driving forces for Philadelphia. All of Le Toux’s seasons as top scorer ended in double digits, but it never has been enough to power the Union to a successful season. Obviously Philadelphia is in need of a more skillful, reliable scorer.

And Philadelphia isn’t much beter in defense as the Union allowed 55 goals in 2015, one of the highest totals in the MLS. The team’s goalkeeping performance was not particularly impressive. The save percentages of Brian Sylvestre and John McCarthy’s were only 60.0 and 53.7 respectively.

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